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  1. I've planned to take some high-res pictures of my board this week-end. Yes, last paragraph of the "Prodigy RAM modules" section. Note that PALs and gate-array are OTP (one-time programming) so if it's mandatory to upgrade them we'll need new-old stock or replacement, and of course the actual logic implemented. First step is to provide at least the ability for everyone to upgrade to 4MB. Then develop some open source alternative tools for the prodigy more System 7 friendly, and even some customization tools.
  2. Hello! I recently got a Levco upgraded SE and decided to dig into it. I've done some digging into the board ROM and found few things. For exemple you can start the on-board self-test with the interrupt button and the following command: G 600056 But will focus on the RAM upgrade since it's the most usefull part for now. I bought a 68851 and plugged it into the Prodigy board in place of the BMMU (the not-a-chip with the levco or supermac sticker on it). This will allow me to upgrade the RAM up to 32MB, but this mean I should build my own memory board. I've got some reverse-engineering to do! The only part worrying me is the manual that indicates RAM upgrade need also a PAL and array chip upgrade.