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  1. Crutch

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    Don’t forget the pot on the grayscale adapter itself. Mine looked horribly muddy at any brightness setting until I tweaked that.
  2. Crutch

    512K Education with SCSI card

    Looks great, nice job! Yes you should be able to boot from external SCSI. In my experience SCSI upgraded early Macs usually play with SCSI devices better than a Mac Plus with native SCSI, just because the Plus didn’t originally implement SCSI in a very standard way. I have a 128k with a Gemini upgrade + SCSI that works great with my SCSI2SD 5.5.
  3. Crutch

    512K Education with SCSI card

    That’s a pure SCSI upgrade. The SCSI controller is on that PCB mounted to your floppy drive. I can’t tell from your ROM chips in the photos (or floppy drive) if that’s a 512k enhanced, so I’m assuming the PCB may have upgraded ROMs on it also somewhere?
  4. Crutch

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    This is awesome! I’ve been following this saga for months. Nice work @Bolle and @joethezombie!
  5. Crutch

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    Nice sleuthing! How did you figure this out?
  6. Crutch

    Mac Plus - analog board heat / temperatures

    The analog board side of a Plus case will definitely feel warm after an hour or so in my experience, yes.
  7. That’s awesome. Would be interested to know your approach. My first reaction was “there’s no way to do full-screen blitting fast enough on a 68k Mac” but either (1) I’m wrong (but I don’t think I’m wrong) or (2) you are only double-buffering the area around the ship, and the rest of the background is being drawn direct to screen with hidden surface elimination, which is pretty clever. I’m not sure how much of a perf boost you will get moving from C to asm, though, depending on where the code is slow and assuming you’ve already done all the obvious things like loop unrolling, which I’m sure you have. (And of course, no color Macs had a 68000 anyway.)
  8. Crutch

    SE/30 project

    You don’t need to discharge the CRT to pull the motherboard.
  9. Yes, known issue. See the SetDate tool here. http://www.synack.net/~bbraun/macapps.html
  10. OK that’s amazing, I definitely assumed you faked it. How did you do that? How did you even shoot video of an old Mac CRT without getting CRT refresh flicker/artifacts? (I assume that’s easy to do by matching frame rates or something, but I’m a total video novice.)
  11. Back on topic, I recognized that very nice Athens-18 font in JDW’s excellent fan video. What a great slab-serif font.
  12. Crutch

    Help with Mac Plus networking??

    Just to sanity check - Are you running the Asante driver for this? I run one with my SE/30. It works great but does nothing without the driver.
  13. Crutch

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Yes, sorry, I meant no trace of the manuals for the Quick30 Plus. I got one of these working in a Plus, booting from SCSI2SD with all the drivers set up correctly in 2018 (recently sold that machine though) so may be able to help with questions if you want.
  14. Crutch

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Enjoy those systems, they are terrific. I have only ever seen a manual for the Novy accelerator for the Classic. I have searched around but never seen a manual for the Quick30.
  15. Crutch

    The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

    I’d be interested in that loose leaf Inside Mac if you ever decide you’d like to part with it.