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  1. Crutch

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Nice video! I’d have liked to see a tour of your motherboard mod in the video also, for next time
  2. Crutch

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Yes indeed that’s the mod (looking forward to checking out your video, cool). You may still need to tweak the Scsi2sd settings to get the Plus to see it on boot, though, as well documented elsewhere in these forums.
  3. Crutch

    m68882 made in 2012?

    I’ve bought several 68882’s on eBay and all have been legit. It never occurred to me to investigate the markings. Interesting.
  4. Crutch

    Macintosh SE Fan Mod - 2016

    Stumbled on this thread after it was linked by @JDW today and just wanted to correct the record - the fan you linked with the LNA @omidimo, per that linked page, doesn’t run at 23.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute) but rather m3/h (cubic meters per hour) which is only 13.8 CFM. Without the LNA it runs at a speedier 17.2 CFM. Here’s a converter http://www.endmemo.com/sconvert/m3_hft3_min.php
  5. Crutch

    Stuffit Magic Numbers

    That’s a fun idea for a project. It’s not immediately obvious to me how to do that, since the Finder (or more likely a DRVR running in the background, launched by the INIT) would need to actually open the StuffIt archive and read far enough into it to get the magic number (if it’s there) each time it needed to decide what icon to draw. Patch _GetResource, and if the Finder is the foreground app and it’s getting an ICN# resource corresponding to an archive document from StuffIt, look up the file whose icon is being drawn (but how do I know which one that is???) in the precomputed hashtable of known archives and return the appropriate icon you designed ... and if the file hasn’t been seen before, stop and open it up to check the type and populate the hashtable entry? ...... or something. If I didn’t have a newborn, I would try it. Unless someone is super expert at how the Finder draws file icons, it would probably require a long Macsbug session.
  6. Crutch

    Stuffit Magic Numbers

    This is a great idea.
  7. Crutch

    PowerBook 520c Score!

    Always happy to see a 500 series, they are such iconic machines and that one looks great. Nice score on the price too.
  8. Crutch

    Has anybody gotten a SCSI2SD v5.5 yet?

    FWIW here’s the one I have. It works great for a pre-Plus battery-port SCSI add-on. It goes the wrong way for a stock Plus, however. (It was also cheaper when I got it, I think this is a 2-pack.) https://www.amazon.com/L-com-Right-Angle-D-Sub-Adapter/dp/B000FMM8Z8
  9. Crutch

    Has anybody gotten a SCSI2SD v5.5 yet?

    Yes! I grabbed one a few months ago. Use it with a right-angle adapter to plug seamlessly into an upgraded 128k with a Total Systems Gemini accelerator with SCSI add-on. It’s awesome. I wrote somewhere else recently I feel like I’m using the world’s tiniest Jasmine BacPack. Mine is gray, though ... the website now pictures them looking transparent like yours. I wonder if they changed the choice of plastic?
  10. Building on the fly would just replace the MENU resource. I am having a crazy week but happy to cobble together an example of how do to this .... it might be a little while though. Re your second question, this code snippet (from the book) is the right way to to do it .... but you need to make sure that mMinutes is a menu ID not a ‘MENU’ resource ID. I don’t recall how a menu ID is assigned for a pop up menu offhand though ... the Menu Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh Volume V should help! I can give a better answer when I have time to research slightly and refresh my memory! GetDItem( dialog, iMinutesPopup, &itemType, &itemHandle, &itemRect ); val = GetCtlValue( (ControlHandle)itemHandle ); menu = GetMHandle( mMinutes ); GetItem( menu, val, string );
  11. So what is the blue graphics card connected to on the accelerator board underneath? And what’s that little green card standing up behind the graphics card?
  12. Yes the SCSI2SD 5.5 should definitely work on your SE's SCSI port (since that will have term power, unlike the stock Plus SCSI)! I use mine with a right-angle adapter so it bends up nicely against the back of the Mac instead of sticking out 3 inches. It's lovely.
  13. If that is the same Total Systems Gemini accelerator I have hiding under there, it is indeed compatible with pre-Plus Macs and offers them SCSI on board the accelerator (not on the graphics card). I had thought the SCSI port add-on was sold separately as the “Gemkit” and was hyped, at least, as offering faster SCSI for a Plus. Mine at least definitely provides term power, which the native Plus SCSI of course does not, and which is awesome because it allows me to pop a SCSI2SD 5.5 right on there and go, like a tiny little Jasmine Backpac.
  14. Oh I see it now. Looks like there is a DB9 cable threaded through some (?) opening in the case back. Interesting. Do you have an external monitor that works with this?