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  1. Crutch

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    I use a PowerKey power strip to address both issues — 1. The soft-powered Seasonic PSU isn’t seeing mains power at all when the PowerKey strip is off, and 2. of course the power key works! There is one on eBay right now for $29.99 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152479962209
  2. Crutch

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    @ants thanks for asking - sadly, no! There are many happy consequences of my PSU upgrade (brighter screen, general satisfaction with the universe), but sadly a setup that works with my Daystar 040 accelerator plus Asante MacCon isn’t one of them. My Daystar card - which I have noticed runs very hot even on its own (do they always?) - only seems to last about 5 minutes when the MacCon is added before I see a random freeze or bomb. That said, my Diimo 50 MHz 030 plus the same MacCon works flawlessly (and much cooler, and not noticeably slower with my 7.5.5 setup) - so that’s my everyday setup for now. My analog board is recapped, also.
  3. Crutch

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    I would have posted sooner but I think I got their last one: https://www.btw-electronics.net/AMP/SIMM-Extraction-Tool,-382264-1
  4. Crutch

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Thanks Bolle. Based on some googling and your helpful photo I believe that is AMP SIMM Removal Tool part number 382264-1. I found one on BTW-electronics.net for $6. We'll see if it works!
  5. Crutch

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Thanks Bolle, would very much appreciate it. (trying to imagine the engineering decision to not use a standard, snap-in SIMM socket...)
  6. Crutch

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Resurrecting slightly stale thread but I recently got one of these (25MHz Novy Quick30) and am starting to play with it - forgive a rookie question but mine came with just 4MB on the card and I’m trying to upgrade to 16MB, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove those SIMMs. Is a special tool required? (I’m having trouble attaching a photo but they look identical to yours from the original photo of your board @MOS8_030, definitely not a standard Mac motherboard attachment type SIMM.)
  7. Crutch

    Radius SE Accelerator Card

    I just checked and have the following: * Radius Accelerator 16 installation guide for the Macintosh Plus -- definitely not useful to you (the Plus board installation is a bit of a pain, damn grounding screws, I'm guessing yours is much easier on the SE) * RadiusWare manual for the Macintosh SE - odd that it came packaged with my board since mine wouldn't work on an SE. Anyway this only describes how to use the RadiusWare control panel, which is actually pretty self explanatory so probably isn't super useful to you. However I'll try to upload it somewhere when I get time (and will try harder if you think you actually need it! - let me know).
  8. Crutch

    Radius SE Accelerator Card

    Yep, see how the chip designations end in 16 then a letter ... that’s the speed in MHz.
  9. Crutch

    Radius SE Accelerator Card

    I have a Radius 16 running in a Mac Plus and it's awesome - which accelerator do you have? The link TRS80 posted above are the drivers I uploaded recently from the original floppy I have. But from what I can tell, at least on a Plus you actually don't need the drivers to make the board work (you do though, I think, to get accelerated math from the 68881/2 if you have one installed) -- you can just plug it in and turn it on. Maybe different on an SE. If you have a Radius 16 and don't have the installation docs, I can take photos of mine this weekend and share them somehow, but they are for the Plus version so might not be useful. But it occurs to me you might have the Radius 25 for the SE in any event, which I'm sure is excellent.
  10. Crutch

    Mac SE CRT issue

    If the problem was that he’d nicked the CRT, shouldn’t he still get a chime? He said no chime which indeed makes me think analog board.
  11. Crutch

    First conquest in a long time...

    I love Through the Looking Glass. It’s beautifully designed and the graphics are just slightly creepy enough to be fascinating. The perspective chessboard on a completely black background with no other visible UI really pops on the small screen. I remember seeing it running on ‘84 Macs being demoed at the computer section of my local department store as a kid (Marshall Field’s growing up here in Chicago ... weird to think they sold computers, but they did, in the ‘80s). Maybe for that reason, in my mind it’s the archetype Mac game. (The Puzzle is fun too, though ) It’s still a fun game, but the speed is processor-dependent, and both of my Mac Pluses have accelerators, so it runs too fast to play properly, though on the slowest setting it’s barely winnable (nice that Capps had the foresight to include a speed control slider). I can’t get it to run when I boot from my HD 20 running 6.0.8, so I have to start up from the Alice floppy, which I actually rather enjoy (that’s how it was meant to be played after all). Probably due to the System version, that floppy won’t boot on my SE/30 with 32-bit clean ROMs (sad Mac) so I can’t run it on that machine (obviously it would be way too fast, anyway). Sometime soon I will try it on the unmodified Fat Mac I have still boxed up (inspired to pick that up by your excellent blog, @Dog Cow!), I think it will be perfect.
  12. Crutch

    Mac Cards and other

    Pm sent
  13. Crutch

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    I have found a whittled-down carryout chopstick (small end) works extremely well...
  14. Crutch

    HDD + SCSI2SD in Macintosh SE?

    Have you tried popping an external terminator onto the SE’s SCSI port?
  15. Crutch

    Compiling scientific software

    Are old Mac versions of Mathematica available anywhere? Would that work for you? I ran Mathematica just fine on my IIci circa 1992.