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  1. The caps still look very good. I've owned this computer all my life so have taken care of it. The board is in almost perfect condition. Also thanks for the sleep confirmation everyone. Been so used to modern sleep on PCs I guess I forgot.
  2. I have a working maxed out 512mb of ram, 4mb vram 7300/200 PowerPC. Everything works fine but when I put the computer on sleep, the PSU fan doesn't shut off and the HardDrive doesn't stop spinning. However the fresh install of OS 8.6 I put on there comes out of sleep thinking everything is fine. This isn't the end of the world but I wish I knew what was wrong. --------------------- Second part of my question is about whether or not I should use this "Power Computing 5000-120-01" ROM SIMM in this computer or not? My guess is no? The computer boots fine without it or with it. Both the motherboard and the ROM SIMM are from 1995 so idk what to think.
  3. So opened up the PSU and thats got to be the issue (should have taken a picture). The caps that look like they're on the board that control the on/off switch look messed up and super leaky. Man this PSU was the dumbest design. To fix the caps on this are just way more work then it should be, its wonky as **** in there. Apple really did the wackiest job on these computers I have ever seen. The speaker, power led and back fan are all just surface contacts... the PSU is a joke of a design. I sent it into MacCaps to get repaired. Cost 75$ because of how crazy these are. The computer is in really good shape all things considered so I have high hopes. Will report back once I get the PSU back (fingers crossed)...
  4. I only replaced the caps on the motherboard (47uf - 16v to 47uf - 50v). I might just use the MacCaps service to get the PSU done.
  5. The switch is not in the server position. I tried both to make sure.
  6. Also is there another PSU that can be used on these computers for testing? I'm reading these can go bad in IIci computers so guess its the same with IIsi?
  7. Got a Macintosh IIsi computer. 1) Got computer. 2) After plugging it in, it auto turned on? This doesn't seem right, PSU maybe? 3) The screen would show gray, then go off and make an error chime. 4) So I replaced the caps as I thought that might be the root issue (sound was super low as well). 5) Now I have the same issue (but load sound). So computer auto turns on when power plugged in and screen goes on then off and makes a error chime sound. 6) I replaced the ram with "confirmed working" 4 256kb dimms for a total of 1mb but have the same issue. Any ideas? My only idea is PSU but idk. I also washed motherboard as caps probably leaked but maybe I need to wash more? Video of issue: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TNdpiKy4Tk6m1b8f8 First beep is my bird so ignore that lol. Any ideas are welcome!
  8. zezba9000

    SE/30 old hard drive hack ;p

    I'm not sure, don't have a Plus or normal SE to check.
  9. zezba9000

    SE/30 old hard drive hack ;p

    Personally from messing around inside the SE/30 my guess is it was done just to keep the cable shorter and non-twisted. Besides this, there is really no point for the decision from what I can tell. They probably made the goof of putting the scsi plug on the board backwards and fixing that spec was to hard and costly, so they flipped the HD instead.
  10. zezba9000

    SE/30 old hard drive hack ;p

    Also I should point out that after "1) Opened it and fixed sticky motor." I had to adjust the tightness of the disk read motor top pin screw. So if you're trying to recover your old disk, keep this extra step in mind if needed (it may not be).
  11. zezba9000

    SE/30 not booting

    Take a look at the post I did to fix my SE/30 drive: Just make sure if you need to do step one and open the drive to not touch the disk plates.
  12. zezba9000

    SE/30 old hard drive hack ;p

    Yes the hard drive is upside down in the SE/30. Looking at other old Macintosh II computers this was not the case. Macintosh Classic computers also have the hard drive right side up as well. I think this might be a major design flaw in the SE/30 computers for putting those old fat hard disks upside down.
  13. zezba9000

    SE/30 old hard drive hack ;p

    So I fixed my SE/30 hard drive. 1) Opened it and fixed sticky motor. 2) These drives work much better facing upward (not upside down). 3) Secure with hot glue (works very well) I'm sharing this in case your not working drive might be fixed by flipping it the right way.
  14. zezba9000

    Macintosh Classic capacitor types

    So didn't know this but Macintosh Classics have a rom simm with the full blown OS 6 on it. idk whats wrong with scsi but because of this, I can boot the computer and read disks with my Floppy Emu or external disk drive. This is good enough for me as I wanted this computer just to try out classic C/C++ code I compile with a newer mac. WooHoo. Also fixed my SE/30 sound as well from what I learned!
  15. zezba9000

    Is this SE dead or do i repair it ?

    lol, ya type. It worked well. I also used baking soda first as I thought it would neutralize acid on the board.