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  1. Is it necessary to configure bus termination in any way when adding more than one internal device?
  2. Macintosh Plus keeps tripping RCD

    Thanks. C33 and C36. Is that on the original board? The only scheme I found is for the 120V board where this part is actually slightly different. Anyway, I guess these are two small line filter caps (4700 pico farad, Y class) just next to the power inlet. I will try to replace them.
  3. I recently acquired a Macintosh Plus (version with the international 220V analog board - as I am in UK). It seems to be working fine. However, there is a strange issue with it. When switched off and connected to a wall socket (the switch on the back is off) it always after a couple of minutes keeps tripping RCD fuse in my house. So it looks like it is leaking current to ground somewhere. It is not the power cable. I tried to visually inspect the analog board, measure input voltage and ground using a multimeter and did not find anything suspicious or obviously broken. Any ideas?
  4. Fan replacement for a Mac SE/30

    I replaced the fan with Noctua NF-A6x25 as suggested above. Slightly more silent, but still quite audible. Do you guys recommend to use any ultra or low-noise adaptor (13.38 CFM) or would you run it at full speed (17.2 CFM)? I am using sd2scsi so no internal hard drive inside my SE/30 if that makes any difference. I can't find the datasheet of the old PanaFlo fan, but in an old Macworld magazine, they reported SE/30's fan to have 10 CFM. So the Noctua should be comfortably above that even with the slowing resistor in place if I can trust these numbers.