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  1. steve

    Which Daystar Card is this?

    I've uploading some new images, after prying apart the PDS and 68040 cards. Perhaps they will be helpful. Thank you.
  2. steve

    Which Daystar Card is this?

    Thanx for the info. Not sure where to look for a copyright date on PCB a/o GAL sticker or how to recognize it. Can it be seen in the photos I had posted? Thx
  3. steve

    Which Daystar Card is this?

    Hello, I found your forum while trying to research a Daystar Card I have I believe it is a 68040 Daystar card in a PDS adaptor card but would like to confirm and get more info. It was pulled from a IIsi. I understand that some of these are more rare than others, so wonder what particular model I have. I have seen a few of these up on ebay. If a particular photo angle would be more helpful please let me know. I also have 4 4 MB SIMMs pulled from the same IIsi Finally along with a bunch of software installer disks I also have 2 Daystar floppy disks: 1) Front label- DAYSTAR FILES. Back: P.D. REL 2 Copyright 1983-1995 51-00576 2) Front label - QUAD CONTROL. Back: REL 9 Copyright 1991-94 51-00033 A I would also like to know if the cards are soldered to each other or can be easily separated. If so how? Thanks very much Steve