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  1. Sorry i might have worded that badly, The arduino wasn't running the scsi interface - it was purely used to program the cypress microcontroller on the scsi2sd board, I only mentioned it as it ias a cheap alternative to the proper programmers for those chips
  2. There was a arduino sketch for programming the original SCSI2SD design, I don't know if the current boards use the same microcontroller but it might be worth a look at if you can find it (It was linked to in the original SCSI2SD thread years ago) You can also use 150ohm resistors for termination, not strictly in spec but they work and 150ohm packs are allot easier to find. I used to use them on my SCA adapters and they worked just fine (although I did switch to just using single resistors in the end and ordered a reel of 110ohm resistors from china)
  3. max1zzz

    2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    Brilliant, Thanks I did come across one small problem, for some reason I couldn't log in until I deleted the cookies from the site (I was still getting the offline message and pressing sign out just sent me to the registration page)
  4. max1zzz

    2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    i'm still getting the "Offline" message?
  5. max1zzz

    2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    me too please! thanks
  6. I have seen those black vata's leak (But only one mind you) so yeah, I would defiantly remove it
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  8. max1zzz

    Powerbook G4 - Scrambled Screen

    Yeah that looks like a failing graphics chip, The 2011 MBP's can come up with similar patterns when the chips go in those
  9. max1zzz

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    You know, I have a feeling my iMac g3 had 3.3v cache in it, i'll have to go and check that.... Good Spot!
  10. max1zzz

    IBM G4

  11. max1zzz

    my first Lisa

    I have one of those, It has been able to read and write everything I have thrown at it so far. (I have used it on Roms as old as my Mac plus's roms and as new as my 2014 MacBook Air with no problems) I can't really think of anything else to say about it... It's cheap and it works, what more could anyone want?
  12. max1zzz

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    I would defiantly be interested to see that! Cheapest I have found 740's so far is about £33 a piece
  13. max1zzz

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    Thanks For some reason I could never find anything quoteing 2.6v
  14. max1zzz

    PowerHack G4 - An insane iMac G3 logic board hack

    have some experience int his field What I can tell you is this: A floppy drive will work fine in your imac, you just have to solder the 20 pin connector on to the board, however there is no driver for it in the iMac's firmware. The driver dose exist in the Mac OS Rom file providing the file is version 1.1.2 or lower (1.1.5 might work, I remember trying it but can't remember if it worked) This means you will be limited to Mac OS 8.6 as Mac OS Rom 1.1.2 won't work with anything newer. As far as I know the ADB port works fine, But I have never tried this personally I'm most interested int he Mezzanine slot PCI mod, it should be possible but who knows what the pinnout of that connector is (But you have got me intrested enough I am going to do some digging and see If i can find a schematic for the trayloading iMac logicboard...) Also, have you thought of adding a serial port? The irda port on the iMAc is just a normal serial port iirc
  15. max1zzz

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    Hmm interesting, that means there must be voltage jumpers somewhere on that CPU card, I just need to find them! Btw, do you have a link to the datasheet for the original 750? All the ones I have managed to find state the chips as having a 1.9-2.2v vcore (But these are more recent datasheets so may be for the L version even though the datasheets don't seem to state this)