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  1. tattar8

    Quadra 950 - Blank Bezel to CD Bezel Kluge

    What is the piece of plastic hanging off the bottom that looks like it prevents the drive from retracting all the way?
  2. tattar8

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    I put in the 4 sticks I got off eBay into bank A, which normally holds the 4MB this machine reliably boots with, and it sad macs; they're 3-chip SIMMs, and I've read here that the IIx doesn't much like those. The slots are all fine; there's one chip out of the original 8 that is loose in whatever slot I put it in, and so it sad macs unless I'm applying pressure on it to the right. I *could* temporarily cannibalize RAM from the SE/30, since I can just put normal big SIMMs in it later (I want to get at least 8MB in so I can run A/UX).
  3. tattar8

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    Well, looks like maxing out the IIx is outside my budget at this point due to how expensive those PAL SIMMs are. I'd like to get it to at least 16MB or so, so these should work, right? https://www.ebay.com/itm/4x-2MB-30-Pin-70ns-FPM-Memory-SIMMs-8MB-Matched-Set-Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-II/132925366486?hash=item1ef2f820d6:g:22YAAOSwdaVcRR5w:sc:USPSFirstClass!14623!US!-1 Also, is there a place that has more technical info on these PAL SIMMs, and what makes them necessary? Edit: This ancient bulletin board post suggests that one of the banks will allow normal non-PAL SIMMs. Is this true?
  4. I bought some 1MB SIMMs a little while back but the IIx just sad macs, so I figured I might as well check here. 4x16MB SIMMs. I know I'll need either Mode32 or a IIsi ROM to use them, but other than that, are these compatible? Can I just stick the existing 4x1MB in Bank B? https://www.ebay.com/itm/64MB-4x16MB-30-Pin-SIMM-Apple-Mac-Quadra-700-Performa-600-Mac-IIsi-Mac-SE-30/392268153397?hash=item5b55010235:g:hgAAAOSwzd5cnq18:sc:USPSFirstClass!14623!US!-1
  5. tattar8

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    There was a post here that had high resolution images of the entire board, but the embedded image links were all broken. Here's a link to the actual images: https://photobucket.com/gallery/user/bradwart/media/cGF0aDovMDMwNjQ5RDYtODFDNC00MTVELUI2M0ItQzZDMzREOEZCMUJCX3pwc3lxbzdkbWRpLmpwZw==/?ref= You might be able to get an idea of what is missing from those. Other than that, I don't have a Quadra 700 so I can't get any values for you; someone else on this forum would have to do that. Also, if you're really determined, you might be able to scrape away at the edges of that chip to expose metal contacts for you to solder wires to.
  6. tattar8

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    Speaker clicking but not chiming could be a ROM issue. If the CPU can read the death chime from the ROM, it should play it. I don't have a schematic for the Q700, but there's a good chance that chip is important (since most chips are). At the very least, I'd start with replacing the components you can replace, along with repairing any broken traces, and see if you can get a death chime at least. That chip is probably found on other Macs of the era as well, if you can get a parts board from one of them.
  7. I just finished recapping an SE/30 (logic only, I'll do the analog+PSU after I get their caps), and now I have a new problem. When I cold power on the machine, I get a speaker pop, and the screen comes on with a blinking floppy as expected, but I get no chime. If I then reset the machine, I get a chime as expected. What could cause this? A capacitor? I replaced all the caps with tantalums. Also, there's a faint roll to the screen (think VHS tapes), but that's probably due to me needing to recap the analog board.
  8. tattar8

    Advice on repairing Mac IIx

    Just a quick update, there was one more bad trace between the NuBus slots and the batteries; after patching it up (that's the 13th patch on this board) I get video out and the machine is working like a charm! It has a physically enormous hard drive (5.25in half-height, the size of a CD-ROM drive) that still works and has a copy of System 7.1 on it.
  9. That's the address bus. That notation means that the address bus also occurs on pages 1-6, and is 32 bits wide. The line you're looking for is A0, the least significant bit. From a quick look through the pages of the schematic, it connects to the 68030, as well as to UK6 pin 10 and UD8 pin 4.
  10. tattar8

    Macintosh 128k Help

    Could this be caused by a bad mux or demux (assuming the 128K has anything like that) causing the same data to be stored multiple times to the framebuffer?
  11. I'm ordering the new caps for the SE/30 (and a Classic II and Plus that also need attention), but can't seem to find 50V 1uf tantalum caps. Can I just use SMT ceramics for those?
  12. I intend to . But the SE/30 (which arrived today) is currently number 3 in line for my attention, which is currently on a Mac IIx and why I can't get any video out of it.
  13. tattar8

    Advice on repairing Mac IIx

    I'm still not able to get any video. I'm pretty sure the machine is booting, since it chimes and then starts reading from disk. I tried two different video cards (a Macintosh II High Resolution and a Macintosh II video card), at least one of which is known working. Is there any way to narrow the problem? I'm guessing that if there was a NuChip error, the machine would sad mac and not continue booting. Another thread here had a problem with one of the transcievers (UC7) missing a pin; I had the same problem, and I solved it by scraping at the IC until some metal was exposed and then soldering to it. Is there any way to narrow the problem? Perhaps from the diagnostic mode?
  14. So essentially I can use any disk I want regardless of size, but I just have to partition it into disks of up to 2GB? Does this still hold true under A/UX? I'm thinking of installing that on the IIx.
  15. I have a number of Macs with dead/dying/untrustworthy SCSI drives (IIx, IIsi, Q660AV, Q475, PM9600, SE, SE/30, Classic II), I don't want to get a SCSI2SD for each of them, and I have a ton of assorted SCSI drives lying around that are a good bit newer than 1990. I was browsing eBay and came across these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCSI-68Pin-68-Pin-Male-to-50Pin-50-Pin-Male-Adapter-Converter-CYN/233175965967?hash=item364a5ee10f:g:Yh4AAOSwkFZcIFce https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCSI-SCA-80Pin-to-68Pin-to-50Pin-IDE-Hard-Disk-Adapter-Converter-slim-Card-Board/372511528024?epid=4021687196&hash=item56bb6ad458:g:Y24AAOSwHkBcd6ue Will these Macs recognize drives connected through one of these, and if so, what's the largest hard drive they'll recognize (since most of my drives are in the 15gb range)?