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  1. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    Good to see that this thread was revived. I've been busy with other things, so I'll provide a detailed update soon. Here are the fine points in the meantime: (1) I sold the Quadra 950 tower (just the case; no electronics) and the WGS 95 bezel as they were very scratched up/broken in certain areas. So now I have the WGS body sporting a 950 bezel (and yes, I kept the tape drive). (2) I swapped the key lock from the 950 tower to the WGS, which was left at the "ON" position. I do intend to get a key at some point, but right now it's not a priority. (3) The computer crashes on shut down and restart. More on this later.
  2. Concorde1993

    Cool thing I saved from the trash

    I'm selling a carrying bag on the Trading Post. It's nearly twice the size of the original Apple carrying bag.
  3. Concorde1993

    Terrible Advice from the Mac Plus Manual!

    The original Macintosh manual has the same "advice" as well. I guess you could run these Macs as night-lights with a proper screen-saver. It's still not as bad as my Chrysler service manual, which says my Ultradrive can use Dextron additives if Mopar ATF is not available.
  4. Concorde1993

    HD20 failure rate?

    I realize I'm in the minority, but the Rodime drive in my Rodime 20 Plus is still going strong; same with the drive in my HD20. Of course, like anything 30+ years old, these things are on heavily borrowed time. Most of my Quantum drives have turned sour in the last year due to age. The award for worst drives goes to Jasmine and Maxtor - my Jasmine developed bad sectors shortly after I bought it, and my Maxtor won't even power up anymore.
  5. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    I do have an A/UX drive for a IIci, but recently I've been receiving the message: macgetty is not executable; launching getty instead, and then it asks for a login prompt. The drive was partitioned to run 7.0.1 and A/UX 3.The HD is on its way out (Quantum Pro-Drive with a loud worn-bearing noise), but if there is a way to resurrect the A/UX software, I'm all ears.
  6. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    If I do cast off anything, it'll likely be just the case from the 950. Where are you located?
  7. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    Yes, both cases are identical. Front bezels, etc. are swappable.
  8. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    He's gone, don't worry.
  9. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    Drove to Bolton today (which is about half hour from Brampton) to pick up these machines: Both work, but are unfortunately missing their keys to control the lock mechanism. The 950 has 45MB of RAM and I believe the WGS 95 has 16MB of RAM. The seller included an Apple NuBus video card, and a hard drive running 7.5. I also picked up some Apple technical books (Programmer's Introduction to the Macintosh Family, Inside Macintosh Series, and Programmer's Introduction to the Macintosh Family), and an AppleColor 13" High Resolution monitor (case is in excellent condition). More pics of the 950 and 95: I'm not entirely sure what I am going to do with these two. There are numerous scuffs and scratches on both machines (the 950 is by far the worst with a cracked foot), although both motherboards and their respective interiors are quite clean. I was thinking of building one good machine (using the WGS case) and keeping the electronics of the WGS as spares.
  10. Concorde1993

    Macintosh IIfx Won't Read Audio CDs

    Ok, all is good now. I found the extensions on my Performa 580 installer disc; not sure why they were not included on the 7.1 floppies. On another note, has anyone here ever devised a way to connect the audio outputs of the Apple 300e to play sound through the Macs' internal speaker? I can hear soundbites from non-music CDs on the internal speaker, but if I play an audio disc, I cannot hear any music without hooking up a pair of speakers to the external CD drive.
  11. Last night, I hooked up my Apple CD 300e Plus external drive to try out the Apple Service Source discs I received during the DuoDock conquest earlier this year. While these Apple-formatted discs read perfectly on the 300e, I was unable to play any music/audio CDs on the drive (I was asked to initialize the CD). The same problem occurred with my Pioneer DRM-602x. Now I've successfully played audio CDs on my SE/30 (when it was working) with the same CD drives running System 7.1. I don't see what the issue is with the IIfx, as it is currently running a clean install of System 7.1. I should also add that the IIfx is in perfect running condition (the capacitors on both the power supply and motherboard were redone a couple of years back). Hard drive is in great shape, too. Thoughts?
  12. Concorde1993

    Plastic Conditioner? (Namely for LC 500s)

    Passenger air bag covers on the early LHs were notorious for warping, although I've seen the same problem in BMWs and Nissans of the same vintage.
  13. Concorde1993

    Any thoughts on this

    If he does buy it, he should give it to Shango066. That guy is the expert in rejuvenating weathered electronics.
  14. Concorde1993

    Macintosh Plus Voltage and Display "Static"

    The waviness you see on the screen may be also caused by a worn out power supply. I had the same issue with a high-hour Plus I purchased several years back. The picture would be steady on power up, then shift out of sync as the unit warmed up.
  15. Concorde1993

    Crackling/Static Noises from Apple Multiple Scan 17"

    Behold, the damn thing in all its EOL glory!