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  1. bittin

    Latest Stuff

    Books: Arbeta med C Programming Starter Kit for Macintosh with CDROM Using Java Using Filemaker Pro 5 with CDROM Learn Filemaker Pro 5.5 with CDROM Software: Microsoft Office 4 on a billion floppies Aladdin Systems: Spring Cleaning 3.5
  2. WWDC 2005 backpack, WWDC 2006 laptop bag, Hypercard 1.0 and 2.0 origs with alot of books and Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4 CDs but i guess people already seen them Falcon 4.0 (Still sealed flysimulator not sure if i should keep that one) and Office:Mac 2001
  3. bittin


    Got 10 books more now: Macintosh Programming Techniques (swedish version) Microsoft Excel, Software Development Kit V4 with the 2 Floppies Swedish Filemaker Pro Manual English Filemaker Pro Manual Apple Computers, Programming Your Macintosh - A Introduction System 7 ReferenceHandbook (in swedish) Filemaker - Tips och Möjligheter Macintosh Inside Out: System 7 Revealed The Missing Manual Mac OS X 10.2
  4. bittin


    i also got some new books:
  5. bittin

    New Retro Computing Magazine!!

    thanks for the pdfs :>
  6. bittin

    Adobe CS3

    Got a complete collection of Adobe CS3 all in a book in swedish
  7. bittin

    a diskette

    Got an orginal Informix Wingz diskette from a guy i got alot of amiga stuff from
  8. bittin

    iMac G5

    its an Ambient Light Sensor without iSight
  9. bittin

    iBook G4 ADC Display?

    yea iam gonna sell the ADC display and pickup a iBook G4 to VGA converter cable
  10. bittin

    iMac G5

    Bought an iMac with broken ram for 80USD and fixed it up for 2 USD iam very happy with this find
  11. bittin

    iBook G4 ADC Display?

    think iam better of getting another VGA screen and buying one of these http://store.apple.com/se/product/M8639G/A?fnode=MTY1NDA3Ng
  12. Hello, i got an iBook G4 and got a Apple Studio Display with ADC from a friend, what converters do i need for connecting the screen to the mini VGA port on the laptop? or should i buy another screen and a VGA to Mini VGA converter instead?
  13. bittin

    Firefox 6 on Tiger PowerPC :)

    Installed it on my iMac G3 and it works fine
  14. bittin

    Retrochallenge 2011 Summer Challenge

    a tips for what to do with the PET watch this: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=56410
  15. bittin

    Retrochallenge 2011 Summer Challenge

    i need to get cables and stuff for my Commodore 64 and my Amiga 1200, needs the keyboard fixed and i need to find a HDD for one of my LCS and install an OS on the other LC