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  1. I have to admit, I am not too familiar with the PO's, as when they were made, they were generally seen as a unreliable on some MoBo's, straight out incompatible with many VLB cards and drive controllers, and performance was "Meh" at best, so I generally told people it was just not a good idea. Interestingly, Plan B has now forked, what was formally known as "Plan B" is now known as "Plan B2". With there now being a Plan B1 which is 100% guaranteed to work. I didn't want to call them "B" & "C" because they are not sequential, Plan B2 & Plan B1 are divergent, going two different routes, with two different goals, running in parallel. Plan B1 is essentially complete as there is literally no doubt of its success. However, I am not interested in announcing Plan B1 until we know the outcome of Plan A. Regardless of Plan A's success, I will announce Plan B1 and it will greatly enhance the capabilities of either the 167 MHz or 183 MHz NuPowr based CPU daughtercard for the BlackBird, if an owner chooses not to go for the G3 (or if Plan A fails).
  2. No way to undo a tie wrap without cutting them, unless they are the velcro type (and I have no doubt the ones you are talking about are the plastic type). They are intended for "Once-And-Done" use.
  3. Paralel

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    All traces and vias look ok? It's easy to have a rotted via and not notice it
  4. From my calculations, if we succeed, it should boost the speed of the BlackBird, in terms of sheer processing power, by ~55%
  5. You're right, Potato, the one he bought is sans CPU As far as the fastest CPU it can take, stock build, that would be a 400 MHz PowerPC 7400. The 7400 goes up to 500 MHz, but the speed of the processor on that motherboard may be limited by the PLL:CFG. If you do some research you might find the PLL:CFG info for that motherboard somewhere and see how you an re-arrange the resistors to support a 500 MHz part. The strange thing I'm seeing is that the 7400 series of chips were all BGA, so I'm assuming these were BGA chips that were packaged onto a ZIF carrier for the Apple motherboards?
  6. Paralel

    Recapped SE PSU vs new?

    Depends on your desire for authenticity. If you want to keep it authentic, recap. If you don't care, get a new one.
  7. That thermal paste should be fine
  8. I consider "Just Because" the raison d'etre for a project like this. With my background as a research scientist. turning the theoretical into hard proof has always been my goal. I'm all for goal oriented research if that's what thrills someone. But, no one can deny that lots of excellent science has come from the pure "Can it be done?/Why does this happen?" aspect of scientific research and inquiry. It's why my heart aches whenever I see cuts for basic bench research. You can't have goal oriented research if there is nothing to build from. Basic bench research is the core of science.
  9. Yeah, but someone doing a simple processor upgrade wouldn't expect contemporary performance, that's a given with any processor upgrade. I mean, no one expected a 1400 with a G3 upgrade to match or outperform a top end Wallstreet. I was basically saying, if someone had a BlackBird, and they could shove a decent G3 into it for a few bucks, or buy a whole new system, for the money, I think many people would have considered it a reasonable option, despite the obvious limitations. It basically comes down to a dollars and cents situation. Given the contemporary interest in a G3 upgrade for the BlackBird (people actually calling up Newer Technologies and asking when it would be ready) people seemed to want it. Newer would have easily been leaving money on the table if they didn't make it, and for any company that is stupid, so a major factor like connectors no longer being available, is really the only reason a company would do that. Given the number of G3 and G4 upgrades produced for desktop Mac's, which were relatively popular, for an upgrade, I would say it supports my theory that people had no problem upgrading the processor in their favorite machine, despite the limitations, rather than buy a new machine.
  10. I think we have all the answers we need at this point. This gives me at least 90% confidence in the BlackBird G3 project succeeding. Since the PBX on the NuPowr is the same as those found on the 5300, and the same as those found on the 1400, there is absolutely no reason the G3 won't be compatible with the PBX. The G3 upgrades of the 1400 series work with its PBX natively without any alterations. It's easy to see that Newer Technologies was telling the truth about their BlackBird G3 upgrade. They basically had the entire thing completed with their previous design, the only thing they needed to do was stick a G3 on there rather than a 603. As a company, they'd be mentally ill not to pursue building a G3 for the BlackBird given the above, combined with how many of them were out there when they would have made it, and how popular the upgrade would have been. The molds for the BlackBird CPU Daughterboard connector being destroyed at Apple's request is the only situation where they wouldn't bother building it. Apple obviously didn't want any competition with future models, since even if Newer Technologies didn't change the design of the CPU Daughterboard at all, they could have made G3 upgrades for the Blackbird that would have been able to easily match the Wallstreet. If they did some basic changes to the design they could have been able to provide upgrades that could have matched the Lombard. Apple would never want people using a BlackBird with a G3 upgrade if they could sell you a 5300, 1400, 3400, Pismo, or Wallstreet. Hard to believe, but we've basically proven through research that the old story about "Destroyed Molds" was completely true.
  11. No need to compensate for the CPU. Your contribution to the project is more than enough.
  12. Paralel

    Powerbook 540c won't startup

    Yeah, it should boot after that. Sounds like you AC adapter died. There is no pop with these AC adapters under normal working conditions
  13. Yep, it would indeed be one of a kind. I've looked into it fairly extensively. As far as I know. it has never been done before. The rumors of the Japanese guy appear to be confused with the guy that overclocked his 603.
  14. Paralel

    MacToTheFuture SE30 Network Card Driver

    Agreed. Hardware is my thing. Might even need to engage you for help with customizing a driver for what I am currently working on.