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  1. Paralel

    My powerbook 170 and the tunnel vision

    Does anyone make a 6-bit grayscale panel that size any longer that would be compatible?
  2. Paralel

    Dry joint example

    Look for Zeiss or Seiko lenses
  3. Paralel

    HDI-20 Repair?

    Ribbon cables are the devils design, I swear!
  4. Paralel

    HDI-20 Repair?

    Yes, your second post doesn't provide much information...
  5. Paralel

    My powerbook 170 and the tunnel vision

    You realize that even if you can get the water out, its only a matter of time until it fails again, right? It's an inherent manufacturing defect. It can't be corrected.
  6. Paralel

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    Regarding the 660: Support for Intel Pentium MMX and classic Pentium 100-233 MHz, Cyrix 6x86MX, 6x86L, 6x86 PR166-233, MII PR266-300, AMD K5, K6, K6-2 166-450 MHz, AMD K6-3 400 MHz. So, K6-3, not P3.
  7. Paralel

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    The last NuBus model was the 340, which could take a DX2, DX4, or 586 processor. Nice card. Had a built in Soundblaster compatible chip, audio line out/in, etc... 400+ series were PCI only. 660 was the last one made.
  8. Paralel

    PowerBook 160 help (broken hinge mount)

    That hinge design is similar to a few PC laptop designs that I have worked with. Why people ever thought hinges like that were a good idea is beyond me.
  9. Paralel

    Wrong capacitors for SE/30?!

    Oh, no, it wasn't designed to do that. It just burned hot enough, fast enough, to flash melt its own solder. I was just musing on the concept, sort of like a capacitor that acts as its own fuse.
  10. Paralel

    Wrong capacitors for SE/30?!

    A cap that desolders when it fails is actually a fairly interesting fail-safe. It guarantees the part that went up in flames doesn't damage the board, and it breaks the connection across it so no upstream parts are harmed by the failure.
  11. Paralel

    Super rare Macintosh II Daystar PDS adapter

    A very late reply... But the 68882 can be used, but not like a typical "FPU" with the 'LC040. It has to be run in "Peripheral" mode as an external device. So, it would be very slow. This was done on purpose by Moto' to prevent people from using the 68882 with the 'LC040 like it was used with the '030, as a cheaper option than a full '040. There was one originally planned for the 540c card cage by Sonnet, but they dropped it before it went to production because they realized 1) Not much demand 2) The performance was truly awful.
  12. Paralel

    Wrong capacitors for SE/30?!

    Actually fell off the board? I think that's the first time I've ever heard of that happening when a tant went up in flames. I guess it essentially desoldered itself. Interesting.
  13. Paralel

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Very true. My blackbird throws this one out, even thought it is a 540c with a full 68040 installed (it has a 550c CPU daughterboard installed), when it has a PC Card cage error, it throws an FPU missing error instead, despite this being one of the very few 540c's in the universe with an FPU (and yes, the system knows the FPU is present, it shows up in diagnostic software and actually functions when tested). Yep, machines that don't have an FPU by default, but can have one installed, have a test routine in ROM to examine if an FPU is present, and if it is, to use it. Systems that are expected to have one don't have this test routine in ROM and just expect a hardware FPU to exist, and when it is discovered it doesn't exist, the system bombs. My bet is someone wanted that '040 for something else, and just stuck an 'LC040 in its place, not caring if the system worked our not, possibly never even testing it out.
  14. Ugh storage room losses are the worst. There should be some legal protection regarding hospitalization. I had something similar happen to me when I was in the hospital for awhile.
  15. Paralel

    Classic II + FPU = A/UX?

    From what I've gathered looking at the Amiga scene, once one gets past 60 Mhz with regard to the FPU, there is negligible speed-up as a result of the CPU becoming the bottleneck due to how the FPU data is handled by the '030. As far as the FPU/ROM and the Classic II, and for nearly every hardware project I've been involved in, I've always operated on a "Can it be done?" rather than a "Why do it?" basis. From the FPU perspective, actually getting the Classic II beyond the SE/30 as far as the FPU performance was concerned simply using what was provided by the Classic II design (no hacks) was the high point. Seeing how far a theory can be pushed is also interesting in its own right.