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  1. You could always dump the ROM, patch it directly, then flash a new ROM and put it on the board. It's the brute force method, but it should work. Have you taken a look at the ROM to determine if that is where the limitation is coming from?
  2. Paralel

    China Ebay 68040 processor

    The full 68040 in my 540c says under FPU = Present, with the original LC040 it said FPU = None. Seems like you got a bad part.
  3. Paralel

    SE/30 versus Classic II speed

    Yep, the only 68030 based machine that roundly kicks its butt is the Mac IIfx.
  4. Paralel

    SE/30 versus Classic II speed

    With the supplemental ROM/FPU card, the Classic II kicks he crap out of the SE/30 in math operations
  5. Paralel

    Is System 7.1.1 bootable as a live CD ?

    It should be possible.
  6. The root cause is known but there is no known treatment nor cure. The syndrome is terminal once it begins. Time to death is idiosyncratic.
  7. Paralel

    Mac Classic Expansion board?

    I read about an aux power supply for that model of accelerator. If its absent, it will never work.
  8. Paralel

    Mac Classic Expansion board?

    He meant Deep Breath
  9. Paralel

    Mac Classic Expansion board?

    It's likely something is screwy with the expansion board. It's unusual, but accelerators are known to become faulty with age sometimes. If you decide you don't want to mess with it, let me know, I'll take it off your hands. I'd be interested in working on one of these to understand better how they work in the Classic.
  10. Paralel

    lisa sin remarketing drive

    Yeah, I know. I was intentionally making a bad joke...
  11. Paralel

    lisa sin remarketing drive

    Lisa sin? I agree, the Lisa was awful, but to call it a sin... that might be a bit too much.
  12. Paralel

    Mac Classic Expansion board?

    I wonder if it's some kind of accelerator? Please take pictures and post it so we can see what you are talking about
  13. Paralel

    Color video from SE/30 for cheap?

    Actually, better than that. get an HDMI "splitter" from Amazon for something like $14, strips the HDCP right out of it, then the box has no trouble recording any source.
  14. Paralel

    Color video from SE/30 for cheap?

    I have a very similar capture device. It works beautifully. Will NOT work on HDCP protected sources, but that is easy enough to fix these days... Three things to keep in mind, it is limited to 1080p30. It chops everything into 2 GB files, regardless of the size of the media you are using. So, you have to join the video files together after you are done recording to get a complete video. It's not a big deal, but I just like to warn people in advance so they aren't too surprised when they see a bunch of files all 2GB when they were expecting just one video file. Your audio output along the HDMI cable must be pure 2.0 stereo, anything else, the device will record nothing but static in the audio channel.
  15. All the parts are now in the hands of the master we are working with for assembly and testing. So, we are at the very last step in this process!