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  1. mvallance

    Battery clamshell iBook

    Thank you for the link. I haven't used this site. Being in Japan I did find this site https://www.rowa.co.jp/cabinet/product_list.cgi?F=&cat_select=%A5%A2%A5%C3%A5%D7%A5%EB&topdis=&key=&grp=&ganre=%A5%CE%A1%BC%A5%C8%A5%D1%A5%BD%A5%B3%A5%F3%A5%D0%A5%C3%A5%C6%A5%EA%A1%BC where it seems batteries are made in China (maybe to order? ) but then how safe are they (based on replica Apple iPhone chargers blowing up in the past)?
  2. mvallance

    Battery clamshell iBook

    thank you
  3. mvallance

    Battery clamshell iBook

    Probably a silly question, but is it possible to still buy a replacement battery for the clamshell iBook? Thanks.
  4. mvallance

    Mac System 7 ... on an iPad.

    Many may think it an improvement.
  5. Saw this ... System 7 -- yes, Mac System 7 -- on an iPad.https://namedfork.net/minivmac/Wasn't sure which Forum to post I haven't tried it but it looks so cool FYI
  6. mvallance

    USB WiFi stick for clamshell iBook?

    I bought the TP_LINK mini router and it works a treat with my clamshell iBook. The set up was straightforward as per instructions. I am now connected to my WiFi via the LAN cable from iBook to mini router. Explorer works in OS 9.2. Netscape works in OSX 10.4.11. Of course not all web pages load but I only want to use my iBook for occasional work. I never noticed how snappy OS 9 was before. It is so responsive.
  7. mvallance

    USB WiFi stick for clamshell iBook?

    Terrific! I have just ordered the small WiFi bridge. I will let you know how I get along :-)
  8. Hi. Has anyone successfully used a USB WiFi stick for clamshell iBook? I obviously want to connect to the latest Airport Extreme but iBook Airport card is older connection (WEP?) but now I need WPA access. Maybe a USB WiFi would work? If so, which model please? Many thanks and love the new look Forum.
  9. mvallance

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    Well done. 100 iBooks. I wish I'd seen this earlier as my graphite iBook would love an orange friend
  10. mvallance

    Got an Emate itch

    The hinge mechanism on my eMate has broken beyond repair. I want another eMate as a hinge repair appears very challenging. I can get one in Japan for $300 (too expensive for me!) so $15 is a bargain. Michael - currently in Japan.
  11. I'll install 9.1
  12. mvallance

    On Mac OS9 and prior, what is 'open play'?

    Thank you. My original Google search did not yield the results so I posted here and at Apple Legacy forums. I reposted by error. Thanks for the information.
  13. On Mac OS9 and prior, what is "open play"? I cannot open Pod Player because OS 9 cannot find Open Play. Thanks.
  14. It has Firewire so I will try that. Reason: I have OS X on new Macs so I want to have at least 1 Mac with OS 8.5 or 9. I will opt for OS 9. After that I hope to install PodRacer game, QTVR and Hypercard, maybe even Newton Connection kit if compatible ... all for demo purposes.
  15. I have OS 9 CD (and 9.1 somewhere). The CD is ejected when I try to install OS so how do I actually install? Thanks.