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    • Not tempted, but very curious. Rounded the DevNotes up well enough: what I gots:   LCIII has the same lame LC/LCII sound system:       Things get much more interesting in the LC520 DevNote:       Looks to me like it boils down the the Sound ASIC combinations involved:   DFAC appears to mono however, wherever, forever. CC = DFACII which ought to show some promise, hobbled by Spice System Controller ASIC? = mono LCIII = DFAC without promise, hobbled by the Sonora System Controller ASIC as well = mono   LC520 = DFACII + new Ardberg System Controller ASIC = Stereo     I'd love to be proved wrong on this, but it looks to me like the first Macs capable of stereo sound came with two speakers, one per in their monster elephant feets. If someone studies the schematics they might find a chink in the hardware, but it doesn't look promising from the DevNote descriptions of the chipsets.   CC Block Diagram:  
    • I just read through the CRT guide posted above and most of the talk revolved around the CRT and Analog board compatibility.  My question is will the connector from the analog board work with any logic board?  I understand that some boards are larger or smaller than others but my question is if they are interchangeable.  I read somewhere sometime that an SE can be "upgraded" by putting in a SE/30 logic board (PDS slot size issues may happen).   Basically the situation is that I have an SE/30 that I need to recap but I want to see if this Classic II logic board will work in it while I wait for the parts.   Thanks in advance.
    • I am looking to buy a power supply, which is the best.  I've heard bad things about TDK, but what about the others?
    • Ha ha!  I love seeing these things being ripped apart and analyzed.   I did the same to crack the equations on the DayStar adapter, using a 90deg angle socket to expedite analyzer lead connections: But I digress, back to the job at hand....   The IIcx adapter is a simple 1:1 for all signals that exist on the IIci CACHE slot. The only difference, as explained prior, is /BR, /BG, and /BGACK (used for bus arbitration) are pin disconnected from the main logicboard.  Instead, those signals are isolated to the adapter's onboard 68030.  Signals on the CPU that don't exist on the CACHE slot are simply not connected.  Likewise with CACHE signals not present on the CPU, also being not connected.   Once my 68030 sockets arrive, I will attempt using the IIcx adapter in the SE/30.  
    • C1 is replaced with a film cap 3.9uf 450vdc Ecw-fd2w395jb   problem is the same before and after replacing C1   on this international analog board i have replaced CR15 and CR17 (zener 6v2) and R55 (33k)