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Wiki/Pages article ideas


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Branching off of that - a list of the best solvents (or a guide in general) on how to rebond cracked plastic.
In the mean time while the wiki is still down I could add that to my website if anyone would like to help.


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I think @Trash80toHP_Mini proposed that, I like the idea, do we have the references built or a draft?

In general once the wiki comes back I'm happy to help people adapt content for it, but I can't create that particular knowledge on my own.


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A draft exists only in my head :)
I've heard a bunch of different recommendations (and reasons why said recommendations won't work well) in a bunch of different threads. It seems like a good bit of confusion that should be cleared up.

Whenever the wiki returns (hopefully soon), I'd like to write some articles and work on improving it alongside my own website. It's always a good idea to get valuable information backed up in multiple locations, just in case the wiki (or my site) go down at some point.