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Unexpected ewaste find: MicroQue PDS4/Top Hat. Quad LC PDS Adapter!


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Am I right in thinking you ended up with Chocky's RiscPC? If so, that's heading towards being some kind of historic artefact, though possibly under the category of "great dedication to bashing one's head against walls"—the RISC OS Firefox port looked like a horrible job.

Not just his Risc PC, I also ended up with his Iyonix. The RPC itself is actually really nice though, it came with a Kinetic upgrade and an eesox graphic equalizer in the top slice. Not sure where the equalizer came from no one else has seen them before.


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@olePigeon I wish I was, I’m here in the Midwest. Appreciate the offer though! To be fair, I probably don’t need more projects. It’s like some kind of addition.