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Ultimate Pioneer MPC-LX200


Yep. can definitely use a G3/L2, but L2 slot is between the pair of DIMM slots and the unimplemented ROM Slot pads.


Now that I look at it more closely, the card appears to be "L" shaped which wouldn't conflict with the PCI riser. Dollars to doughnuts it's a little kinwn upgrade card or a proprietary Pioneer card, which makes a lot of sense for this product.


Looks a lot like S-Video and 5.1 out jacks for hooking it up to a large screen TV or projector. S-Video was the best input available for watching movies in that decade. HDMI 1.0 was a 2002 development.

Ribbon Cable heading to it would be alternate ground line signal setup hooked into the Pioneer logic board?

Closeups of that Pioneer expansion setup would be greatly appreciated. VERY interesting features it would seem. Has anyone dug up the user/service manuals for this beauty?
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The Focus Enhancements video out board?
Interesting, I can almost make out the words "s Enhancements Inc." in the pic. Is there documentation on that board?

Guessing its feature set wouldn't come close to my hopes. It would be much better to have full NTSC out on S-Video from a DVD player than the Pixel Doubled 320x240 of the standard Apple setup, but that's where it likely be. Video CD. This unit has been upgraded form

Negative indicators would be:

That Apple CD. No DVD player, those had just been introduced to the Japanese Market 11/96 and not sure when internal drives for computer installation became available?

6500 board was an upgrade for this unit, no? Earlier boards with LC type PDS of the Quadra 630 would make sense given the widespread popularity of Video CD in that part of the world. The MPEG Media Card in that slot coupled with the the AV-Tuner Kit would have made this a very interesting Multi Media machine in thepre-DVD, pre-PCI Clone era.

That was a very interesting decade of rapid technological advances, things are pretty boring on that front lately.


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Is there documentation on that board?
I'm having trouble finding anything official, but here's a few pictures.

It mirrors the main monitor essentially like Apple's official DA-15 monitor out add-in for the 5xxx/6xxx series, but relies on the host machine's resolution to be set to one of the 50Hz or 60Hz simulscan options to work correctly for PAL or NTSC respectively.

I think the "Apple Presentation System" was bundled with a Focus Enhancements LTV portable pro, which would be an external version of this board.