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sign up folks!


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oh anyone want to help spread the message of love to other sites?
Maybe we need an official "blurb" so folks can post it to whatever forums/blogs they want without too much effort (and more importantly without getting the message wrong).



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I'll post a little something on my blog if that'll help. Now all three people that read it will know about RetroChallenge :p



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official blurb: hmm

i guess i thoght no more was really needed than:

fancy playing with old kit for the month of july and then showing the world your efforts?

then head over to www.retrochallenge.net

just how big a geek are you?

erm perhaps not the last line -


anyway as it is - i emailed a bunch of retro computer sites. i have posted on vintage computer fourms & apple fritter. there is a post on atari age. A2 web have a link, the mothership i think is posting on monday about it. i have also emailed info to well other folk too.

i have not had a response from most yet, it has to be said - but emails went out to cult of mac. joy of tech, retromaccast, old computer museum, machine room, binary dinosaurs, digibarn and a few more. 17 emails went out in total.