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Serial port I/O from pce-macplus or BasiliskII to host's USB port


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I would like to use midi software in an emulator to send and receive serial port data to a the physical host machine's USB port via a USB midi interface or a serial adaptor like a FT232R to talk to midi hardware.

Would it be possible to to redirect the midi output from pce-macplus to an actual serial port rather than a file? What about BasiliskII's serial port capabilities? On Linux this probably means just redirecting it with socat, but on Mac OS it looks like you'd need to use IOKit. I don't know where you might need to start with Windows.

On a slightly separate note, my host machine is Mac OSX so this is what I am most interested in. The last time I checked you needed to compile pce-macplus for OSX which seems difficult and beyond my capabilities. I am able to run it in Wine but that does not seem like a long term solution.