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SE/30 MacOS 8.1 weird drive problem


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I have a weird problem that I’ve never seen before, perhaps someone here knows what’s wrong and how to solve the problem:

On my SE/30 (128MB RAM), I made 3 2GB drives on my SCSI2SD card (SCSI ID 0,1,2). One for system 6, and one for system 7, both installed and works fine.

The last one contains MacOS 8.1, everything installed fine (after ResEdit hacking the system file of course) and it boots fine, but after booting all my drives are shown as floppy disks. When opening them they all say “zero K left”. If I want to copy one file to another drive the finder restarts. Even regular floppy’s show zero K left. I tried booting without extensions enabled, but that didn’t seem to do anything. Apps open normally from all the drives. When I boot back to system 6 or 7 the drives operate normally again.

Did something like this happened to anyone before and if yes, how dis you solve the problem? Thanks in advance.



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Did you use "Drive Setup" in 8.1 to format the disk 8.1 is on? Or did you use some other utility? I recommend tying to use "Drive Setup"