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SE/30 Gray Scale Micron issues


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Hey there!

This evening we worked on the CRT board and wiring harness for the Micron XCEED Color card.

Hooked everything up and the monitor is working, but no definite picture.

wondering if there’s anyone in Canada who could double check my work.

pretty sure the harness and CRT board are correct, but would love feedback or correction.

The computer works properly with original cabling, and the XCEED still outputs color externally.
Please help if you’re able.

Here is a couple of photos:


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Shot in the dark: mine looks slightly different (and I haven’t opened my SE/30 in a while) but there should be a trim pot on the board you can adjust with a small screwdriver. It might be that blue thing (labeled “RV1” on my board, mine is black). Did you try adjusting it? If improperly adjusted it’s easy to end up with no image and think something is wrong. Not that I ever made that mistake of course …. :)


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I tried adjusting it, but it didn’t do anything. Unless I ran out of patience and need to keep trying. I’ll double check the wiring of the harness and try it again with another SE/30 I have. Where are you located? It would be nice to send the CRT board, harness and Micron card to someone with the same setup for testing.


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Well I tried adjusting it but now I’m getting no picture at all…. It’s tricky to adjust with power on as I don’t want to damage the tube. The pot doesn’t feel like it’s making any difference. Should it be turned clockwise, counter clockwise??


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Turn it in all the way clockwise. After installing the internal grayscale harness you'll have to dial in the cutoff and brightness on the analog board. I think it also says to do so in the XCeed installation guide. In short: turn the brightness knob up all the way then turn cutoff down until scan lines are barely not visible anymore.
Then slowly turn back the gain/intensity on the neck board until you notice tearing, go back a bit from there.


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Thanks Bolle! I’ll try again. Do you see anything wrong with my CRT board? I followed the specs as closely as possible. Or does the initial photos tell you that it should be working with your adjustments? I’m fairly certain that the wiring harness is correct.


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Just a little friendly safety reminder that the pots on the analog board should be adjusted with a PLASTIC screwdriver/tool Only , especially the variable resistor DO NOT USE A METAL SCREWDRIVER! You could get a serious shock! Unless you want to end up on the next episode of electroboom! ;P

ps: also very jelly of that micron grayscale card! I hope to get one from Bolle someday soon ;)