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Sawtooth and Clamshell


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After an incredibly long dry spell looking on craigslist, I decided to try and check out the "letgo" and "offer up" apps. I was rewarded almost immediately, only after wading through all the old ipads, iphones, apple watches, and macbooks, did I come across a sawtooth (with a NEC 17" LCD) for $20 and an iBook G3/300 for $30!

The G4 came from a guy who had purchased it a few years ago for nostalgic reasons (something none of us would be able to relate to, surely). He wanted to sell it to another mac enthusiast and I was happy to oblige. The machine is in great shape, not museum quality, but no cracked feet or major gouges on the side panels. It's a 450MHz model, and aside from RAM is almost stock to 99. Has the original 5x DVD-ROM, ZIP100, Rage128Pro, and 20GB Quantum Fireball. Thankfully three 512s were added on top of the stock 128 to bring it to a roomy 1.62GB. He also included the original 8.6 restore CD, which is pretty awesome.

The clamshell, on the other hand, was listed with basically no information. It was listed as a "mac book" and the description simply read "no charger". Two pictures of the keyboard/screen and bottom showed that it had minor wear aside from scuffs on the bottom, and that it was an original blueberry. The fact that it was a blueberry alone is what prompted me to go for it - this was my wife's first computer back in '99 and she has wanted to replace it for some time now. 

It was a school machine, has a "27" written in the bottom in white-out, about an inch tall. Good physical condition overall, a few small cracks around the handle and edges of the plastics, nothing significant. Thankfully the CD faceplate and battery cover are still present, those seem to go missing a lot. Once I got it home my lombard's PSU got it booted right up. 

It's the 32/3.2GB model with 128MB and Airport card added. It has an aftermarket battery that is taking a charge, but I don't know how much life it has yet. It's also got a bare-bones 9.0 install, certainly not the original restore. It'll probably stay at 160MB since it'll be a light-use OS9 machine. I will be getting an mSATA-PATA adapter for it. Right now my goal is to find an image of the restore media (nanosaur and bugdom, yo).

So if you're having trouble with Craigslist - check out some of these newer apps. I think a lot of people are shifting over to using them because they are a bit quicker to work with. You will have to wade through more crap, and there are going to be more people incorrectly listing things (e.g. "mac book" instead of "iBook) but at least they require pictures, so you can use that as a good starting point. 

Happy hunting!



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Nice finds!

Good luck on the iBook hard drive conversion.  I want to do a swap/upgrade on my Tangerine as well, but the process is so involved I've put it on the back burner for now.



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Yeah, I've looked over both the Apple repair guide as well as the one on iFixit. The Clamshell isn't quite as bad as the dual USB/500 so I'm pretty confident it should go well. A lot of it comes down to being very careful to keep track of screws (an egg tray is great for that) and being very patient.