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Rasterops 8/24 xli: Manual/Ram slots ?


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I got a Rasterops 8/24 xli from a friend for free. The card works in my Mac IIFx however there's no memory in the four 30-pin slots.

I suppose they are not for additonal VRAM given 30-pin fast page memory is slow. Where are these extra ram slots used for and what memory sizes does the card take ?

I found the drivers but no manual. Anybody who has the manual for this board ?

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The memory slots are for extra memory to make a RAM disk, I believe, and for an old technology called GWORLDS graphics, which as I understand it basically meant that you could load an image into RAM, zoom in, and pan around on small sections of the image very efficiently. Perfect for Claris CAD or the like, though presumably irrelevant to gaming or Photoshop filters.

There's no such accelerated zoom and pan functionality in many other nubus graphics cards, or indeed GWORLDS, so treasure your RasterOps card! It is what it excels at.

I think I tried 1mb and 4mb SIMMS in mine and found both to work. But it's been a while.