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Calling all ROMs! Collecting DeclROM data


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Thanks for everything people have shared for testing! If anyone happens to have them, I have a few requests for ROMs with DeclROM entries:
  • DayStar Turbo 601
  • DayStar PowerPro
  • Apple PowerPC Upgrade Cards (all flavors)
  • PowerBook 5300
  • PowerBook 2400c/3400c
  • All types of clone boards
  • ISDN cards, various
  • Duo Dock
  • A DECNet card, may or may not even exist
  • Any non-SCSI storage
  • MIDI Card, various
  • Parallel card, may not exist
  • Any compression accelerators
  • Any RAM cards besides the DayStar RAM PowerCard
  • Radius Rockets besides the 40MHz and 25i
And as usual, anything exotic you happen to have!

This would make my test matrix fairly complete so I can squish out any more bugs!


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Radius Rockets besides the 40MHz and 25i


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I didn't do the dump, but the person who did did both an EPROM read and an in-system read with Paul Pratt's SlotROM utility and they match. (It was working in the system when the SlotROM dump was run).


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ImageWriter II/LQ AppleTalk Option Card Firmware attached


  • ImageWriter_AppleTalk_Card.BIN
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