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Radeon 7000 + Rom Xtender + 9.2.1 = constant crashing in 3D applications


I recently picked up a Radeon 7000 Windows version (64K ROM) and decided to swap my Rage 128 with it. I flashed it with the reduced gotoh ROM (the 'reduced using new method' one) and followed this tutorial to get it working - installed the Rom Xtender from the 9200 ROM update, finally installed the 7000 drivers from the mactar site, and it worked quite well, the extensions or the ATI Displays identified the card correctly.

However I quickly found out there's something seriously wrong with the 3D acceleration - every single game I tried running either crashed (Bugdom, The Sims), or displayed a black screen (Quake). These games worked before on Rage 128 just fine. What did I do wrong? Flashed the card with the wrong Apple ROM? Or maybe a wrong version of Rom Xtender/ATI drivers?



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Downclock the card using ATIaccelerator II - it’s likely your generic card can’t run at the Mac ROM’s higher core/mem speeds 



Hmm, from what I see the ATIaccelerator II is for OSX only? I'm running MacOS 9.2.1 here, with a PCI Radeon 7000 (Beige desktop G3). Is there a similar tool, but for OS9? Tried looking for one, but found nothing...

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