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Problem Installing "Born Again" on IIfx


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Prior to the site crash, I discussed in another thread installing OS 8.1 on my IIfx using an installer script called Born Again. I was able to locate a legit OS 8.1 install disc on eBay on the cheap, however Born Again for some reason does not recognize my OS 8.1 disc (even though it mounts on my desktop and is seen by the IIfx) and suggests that I email its developer should problems persist.

For those that have installed Born Again on their 68030 Mac, have any of you run into this snag? I followed the instructions accordingly - I have two partitions on a 1.2GB LaCie SCSI drive, which were created using Silverlining 5.7 - one for System 7.5.1 and another for the OS 8.1 volume. Drive works perfectly and all of my software discs are OEM.


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