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PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Battery


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Kinda fresh on this forum so hello everybody :)

Anyways, I see that there is a thread of replacing cells in the Lombard/Pismo series of G3 PowerBooks, but I have not seen one for the Wallstreets.
I am in process of replacing cells in mine, but as it seems that it is quite difficult to obtain 17670 cells that are in that battery pack, I went in a different route.
I have managed to obtain 4 flat/pouch cells that would fit nicely in there, considering that the original round cells are connected in 4 blocks with 3 parallel cells, I connected the 4 flats in the same manner ( 1 flat replacing 3 round).

So schematics wise, this should work, cell voltage roughly 3.7 - 3.8V (per cell), but when assembled, everything acts the same way as with the old cells - Battery gets "recognized" for a minute or two, when I press the battery button it shows 1 LED like it's empty, and then battery just disappears from OS 9 menu and that is it, LED stops working and no charging.

I have tried the Battery Reset 2.0 to no avail, anyone had any experience with this? PRAM Battery is also dead, working on reviving that too, could that be a possible issue?

Thanks :)


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Long ago, the charge cards in Wallstreets often needed recapped. One symptom was the failure to recharge a battery. Might be that.


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Hmm, you mean like charge control board?

What can I expect there SMD Electro caps or sth else?

Found the iFixit guide for removal, ugh, I am gonna have a fun time with this 😅😂

Gotta find some kind of caps list to order them before so it doesn't just sit around disassembled for days, my gf would kill me 😂
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