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PowerBook 150 boot problem


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When I try to boot my PowerBook 150, I get a 0000000F 00000001 error on screen.

What does the error mean? What can I do about it?



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Is it instant or does it try to start, display the normal screen, then do it?
I don’t recall exactly - but I think that’s hard drive related. I’ve had a very similar one before that was nearly all 0s when something got really messed up with the hard drive.
Disconnect the drive and see if you get the question mark floppy icon.
While you're in there, clip out the soldered VARTA PRAM/clock battery. This battery WILL leak and destroy the board it is attached to if it is not dealt with.
Good luck getting it up and running!


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Yeah, 0000000F 00000001 means that it got a bus error during early startup; a misbehaving hard drive hanging up the SCSI bus (and in turn making the SCSI controller hang up the processor bus) could be a potential cause there.


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🤦‍♂️ my bad. I've only really done hardware-poking on SCSI machines. But yeah, agreed, first thing to try would be to pull the hard drive out and see if the error persists.