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Performa 630 compatible CD drive


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The computer arrived and it boots from floppy!So no repairs necessary. (I removed the battery so logic board is safe)

The system reports 20MB of RAM which is not great but still usable in order to install some stuff.

It also has a network card with a BNC connector sticking out which I guess is not that useful.
Except if there are headers or anything that can be used to somehow make this an ethernet card?!
Yeah one can dream...

Anyway the hard disk is dead and I've put a IDE to CF in there and it recognised the unitialised disk and let me initialise it although I can't write anything to it.
I've used a system 7.5.3 Disk Utils disk in order to boot from it and format the CF but I guess I need to patch it or format with a different tool?
Do I need to do all these or there is an easier way?

Is there a software tool to just format and patch the drive with?

@mg.man I have a CRW8424S Yamaha CD-RW SCSI drive I was planning to use since it's been sitting forever in my junk box.I'm more of a need of the apple adapter thingy but I'll PM you.


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I've actually managed to boot from the CF card by initialising it on the 630 and then transfering a floppy system folder from a OS9.2 machine to the CF.
I couldn't copy the system folder off a floppy in the actual machine.Go figure.
So now the computer boots off the CF!
I need to find a IDE 3.5" to IDE 2.5" adapter in order to try the IDE to SD module I have since it has the 2.5" 44pin connector.


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Yes I'll recap the power supply and the logic board as soon as I sort everything.
Still need to find some way to extend the IDE hard disk cable because the IDE to CF module can't fit in there; the cable is just long enough to clip to a hard drive physically installed the way apple saw fit.


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I ended up insulating the bottom with some thick tape and stick it just where I could connect the cable.
Seems sturdy enough for the time being.
I've ordered a 3.5" to 2.5" IDE adapter so I will also test the IDE to SD thing I've got here when the adapter arrives.
It's going to take a while to get here from China though..