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on duo 2300c hd issue


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Hello my powerbook duo 2300 has been through 5 hard drives and every single one has stopped working after being used in this duo. I know these drives have limited life but I'm sick of getting new drives for this thing and it's too suspecious that good drives keep failing only in this machine. Every other powerbook I have drives in work fine. This is a duo 280c with a new 2300c motherboard so it can do both scsi and ata drives. I'm afraid to put another drive in it. Any idea what is going on? Thanks

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I'm curious, are there different cables to use for SCSI vs ATA drives?  My 2300-upgraded 280 uses a SCSI drive.  It would be interesting to see the pin connections for the ATA drive, might be able to bodge something together to use cheaper drives in it.

And if you have the ATA cable, that means you could use one of the common SD to 2.5 inch IDE adapters that are all over the place.  Could also do MSATA to 2.5 ide.

It very well could be that you are just having awful luck.  Have you taken apart the 2300 to replace capacitors?  They are probably leaking after all this time, which can cause mysterious issues.



2300c has two different connectors on the board, one for SCSI drives in the (much regretted promise of) PPC upgrades for all earlier models. Same deal with Video with two connectors on the board, one for grayscale 640x400 lid and one for Color 640x480 lid attachment.

Think of the 2300c logic board as the Swiss Army Knife of the PowerBook 68K to PPC migration menagerie. It's a minimized 1400 board with expanded capabilities outboard with a mix of a bit more and much less less expansion inboard. A Block diagram I did in the 'fritter day adorns the lid of my 1400c. Dr. Bob needed a bit of convincing on the validity of that observation. [:)]

Have always planned to, but never gotten around to try running both cables to the HDD bay, SCSI cable to NIC and IDE cable to Compact Flash.

I hope you get your 270c conversion up and running, the 2300c board is great fun.



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Well I was able to find the new old stock 2300c board online and I just put a scsi hard drive in it tonight. So far it's working. I also ordered the ata cable online also. But if it kills another drive I just give up 



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I had a duo 2300c that I put into storage several months back and just fished out. I finally had some time to work on the rubber pads (the ones that turn to goo), so once I addressed that, I started it up and everything seems to work fine except the hard drive. It worked when I put it away and I'm pretty sure that I imaged it as well, but now I have to replace it. I like the idea of going with an IDE to CF solution. Since this is an older thread, did you ever complete this work?
I also ordered the ata cable online
Could you pass along the source for this?