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My lovely 030 bighead (Macintosh SE/30)


Hello people! I'm Frank. New here. As I can't find any new users introduction subforum I think the best way to start here is introduce my 030 bighead:


Two years ago I got this SE/30,  and these are the current repairs I've made:

- recapped the logic board because it prevented it of starting

- repaired a cracked solder joint of the analog board because it was throwing a vertical line.

- Superdrive replaced

- Mouse and ADB cable for the keyboard purchased.

- Hard drive repaired and rescued old data. Now working with system 6.0.7. A Wicked Fast wannabe! :)  And with multifinder disabled!! ahahaha

Future projects include connecting the bighead to the Internet or into an A2Server with a Raspberry Pi. This machine for sure is the love of my life, for me the best computer I had touched.

It came with a Radius Full Page Display card, but no monitor :( . If someone has one and wants to donate it to me...

This is because it originally came from El Observador, a short-lived newspaper from Barcelona. 

By the way if you're curious about the rest of my retroOffice the item at the left it's SiDi FPGA with Minimig running at the right monitor.



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Welcome to the forums! Nice setup. There was a radius full page display on ebay that ended up going for 60$, in EU just last weekend. I didn't get it because it was B&W and lacking the card but woah, you were just a few days too late! Maybe you'll get one in the future, a 2 monitor setup on an SE/30 is amazing!



Thanks. Yeah sometimes I should watch eBay but I think it's a lost case, too much expensive most of the times. I'd prefer someone letting me try one to be certain that my PDS card works, because I could buy the monitor and then realize that the very card does not work.



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Welcome, and well done on purchasing the period correct keyboard for this model too. ;)



The keyboard was included with the purchase, but not the ADB cable, a bit weird ahaha. I prefer this rather than the IBM-compatible extended keyboard.