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Modern 30pin SIMM Brands?


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Hey Chris,
I am VERY interested in this, as i have to make an order to JLCPCB soon, could you give me specifics as to which chips should I look for to make 16MB (or 8MB) each simms? There are some local vendors that have 72 pin 8 and 16MB sticks cheap and maybe I can salvage the chips from there, I just need to know which ones....
I'm not sure the chips for 8MB or 16MB SIMMs are documented anywhere but I have seen posts where folks have made them using the same boards. The ebay seller I got my SIMMs from is https://www.ebay.com/str/memorymasters
They were super helpful. I messaged them with the link to the github for the project and found me some SIMMs with the TI TMS417400ADJ chips. Here is what I got: https://www.ebay.com/itm/163059887271

I did just order this SIMM to test making 8MB SIMMs but havent recieved it yet.

I can let you know what chips are on it when I get it and if it works after I build the new SIMMs.


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Don't buy Keystron modules - I had issues with them and they wouldn't allow a refund despite me showing the modules didn't work.
I've had good luck with Keystron in that all of the modules I've bought (a lot of 4MB 30 pin simms) have worked. I have a bad 16MB SIMM from OWC and gave up on trying to RMA it. The process was a bit of a pain and then they want you to send the old $11.99 SIMM back. With postage, well that's just stupid.


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I’m glad it worked for as expected. Now you can run up to Mac OS 8.1 on your SE/30
Yeah just got a Rominator II today so I'm psyched.

Everything working well except I'm getting occasional jittery video..so i'm hoping an analog board recap and J1 connector replacement (it has the one burned pin..not too bad) will help.

I've heard it could be the flyback transformer causing an issue like that? Hope not.


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Those kind of issues are why I like this forum because someone will chime in and let you know for sure what the problem is. Unfortunately that out of my league as I’m not sure what it could be.