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Making a 500 Series PB Do Things It Shouldn't


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It's been a looooooooooong time since I've been on the forums. I've really just been watching others do cool stuff with retro Macs for the last 15 years. TBH, I probably will fade into the ether again after this post, but I thought I'd at least share for the communities sake.

I picked up another 520c about 5 years ago and it just kinda sat around doing nothing. I hadn't really realized how much components had turned into unobtanium. Kinda makes me feel bad for bastardizing a 520 well over a decade ago trying to turn it into a wearable machine. Anyhow, I started dumping money into this 520c, and am working on making it do things it shouldn't be able to do. I've got an evolving article over on my website if folks want to use it.

Feel free to steal from it, repost it as yours, I don't really care. For as much as I haven't been here since the early 00's, I hope the long timers are doing well. Lots of nostalgia, just like these machines.