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Macintosh Portable Bag - what kind of glue holds the bag together


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I have a few of these bags that are in nice shape, except that a couple of the cushions that are on the inside have been coming loose (the glue that holds them in place has mostly dried up).  I would like to restore them as close to the original state as possible, but at the end of the day, they need to be functional as well.

'a) what kind of glue is used to hold the cushion pads in place?  The old glue has dried and ideally I would like a way to remove the old glue and re-apply the same type of glue.

'b) if there is no easy way to remove and re-apply, using the original glue, has anyone restored these bags and has tips that they could share on what I should use, so that I could keep it as close to the original.

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I used contact adhesive (cover both sides with thin layer, adhere both sides when just tacky usually within 5-10mins), to fix some loose pieces on a portable case.