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Looking for Newton MP 100 Part Name (and the Part Itself)


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On the back of the Newton MessagePad 100, and possibly other models but this is the only one I have and can check, in the center, there is what looks like a Phillips screw head.  It's not actually a screw though (learned that many moons ago -- LOL).  It is a soft plastic or hardish rubber that helps the Newton grip onto a mounting peg in some cases or holders.

I don't know what the name of the part is.  I have the Service Source PDF but even it doesn't bother identifying the parts.  I imagine because the repair instructions in the guide are: "Each is repaired through whole-unit exchange."  Thanks, Apple, that's very helpful.  Oh, if the illustration in this guide is any indication, the 110 model did not have this part on the back.  Looks like it might have had some off-center rectangular hole that may or may not have served the same purpose.

On my main Newton, it is in good shape.  On the broken Newton I bought for the purposes of practicing disassembly to do the power-off repair, that part disintegrated on me yesterday.  I had the unit out of its case to examine it.  I plugged it in to see if it worked at all as I didn't remember. I knew it had a cracked screen but didn't recall if it did anything.  Screen tries to do something, but doesn't actually display anything besides a totally black screen or black horizontal bands and such.  No power on sound either, though the way the screen powers on, it's like it is trying to do something.  Anyway, that's not important.  In addition to practicing disassembly (on a known bad unit rather than a good, working one), I have some other plans for it, if I can make those ideas work.

Bottom line is that I'd like to try to replace that disintegrated part.  First I need to know what it's actually called.  I imagine it's labeled in the original Newton manual which is who knows where at this point.  So, if anyone knows what it is called, I would be most appreciative.  And if anyone knows where a replacement might be obtained, that would be appreciated as well.  Doesn't have to be original.  Not sure if it's something that could be 3D printed or not.  Or cast in silicon rubber or something.  Matching the original color would be nice, but not critical.  Though if the color could not be matched, I would rather have a dark or black color rather than white.