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LaserWriter 8 Doesn't Show up in Chooser


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Ok so I have a 7.5.5 machine that works just fine on the network, with Appleshare and the LaserWriter 8.5 software installed. The thing is, I ONLY see the AppleShare icon in chooser when booted normally and when I try to run the desktop printer utility it says I need to have the desktop printer extension...but I do.

If I boot with extensions disabled I can see the Laserwriter 8 icon in chooser but not normally.

Any ideas what the conflict could be?


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An update on this - it seems to be related to Quickdraw GX. If i enable that and Colorsync the Laserwriter 8 extension will silently not load. Not sure what that means yet, but leaving info here as I find it for future searchers.


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You'll be fine just getting rid of QuickDraw GX - developer's didn't embrace it. I never install it and can't remember any software ever needing it. It is fairly RAM hungry too, so a good thing to leave out.