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joshc conquests


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I had made several conquest threads since February, so this post is to make up for what was lost, in addition to showing some things I acquired that I hadn't posted about yet.

Around late Feb/March time, I acquired a Compaq TFT8030 - it arrived damaged and at first it wouldn't power on at all. Thankfully, it "fixed" itself and started to work after about 30 minutes. I chose this after Bolle recommended it, and it's actually a really good monitor to use with old Macs. It syncs with pretty much anything, and has dual DVI/VGA and really great built-in software. I'd definitely recommend getting one if you can find one. Here I am pretending to know what I'm doing in Illustrator:


I picked up an unused boxed Crescendo G3 NuBus card, which I used in my 6100 for a bit (I didn't keep it, sold it on after using it for a little while but realising that a G3 in a 6100 significantly heats things up past the point I'm comfortable with).


What I did discover is that it supports System 7.1.2 which flies on a G3!


I got lucky with an eBay auction and managed to pick up a couple of boxed Daystar beauties:


The Adapter SE is quite a rare thing - and it now belongs to @Bolle - here's what it looks like:


Picked up a cheap and dirty IIcx off eBay - I recapped it and managed to get it working. I still have it. I'll re-create my restoration thread for this.


I ended up with a boxed copy of KanjiTalk that came with an SE/30 I bought from Japan, not something you see every day. Ended up selling that on because I have no need for it, but it was rather nice looking:


I picked up a near mint boxed IIci from Japan - I need a create a thread for it, but here's a few quick pictures:





Also picked up a Colour Classic II from Japan. Sold as non-working, it booted right up:


Picked up some graphics cards, a Rasterops GS/CM and Radius TPDII-M:


Things really ramped up a bit in May, when I won several eBay auctions, I think it was 28 Macs in total + accessories. The whole load filled my Civic.




I might try to re-create my thread about this haul, but it was quite a lot of stuff, some of which I still have, and some of which has gone to new homes now.

I picked up an Interware video card for my SE/30, so I can finally have an external monitor set up with my SE/30:


Look how big the box is:


As if the first haul wasn't enough... in May I picked up haul #2, an absolute boat load of Mac stuff again, which again filled my car.








I cannot remember everything that was in this haul - but it was 9 Macs, something like 10 AEKIIs, and industrial levels of ADB mice and other things. I've shifted probably half of it already, including all the bulky machines, but I'm left with some keyboards and AAUI adapters and a couple of machines I wanted to keep.

There was some 'unusual' stuff in that haul, including two mint boxed LaCie SCSI CD drives:


One of the 6100s I ended up with had a DOS card in it, which actually worked. Neat, but not really my cup of tea so that was sold on.


Something that was gifted to me recently was this, yet another Daystar beauty:


And I picked up a Quadra 700, something I've wanted for years. I need to re-create my restoration thread for it, but here's some pics.



There are various bits I've picked up that I haven't mentioned, need to take some photos but off the top of my head, there are various NuBus cards and accelerators I've picked up that I'll summarise in a 2nd post.


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Various cards I acquired over the past few months:

Radius VideoVision:


Supermac Spectrum/24 Series IV:


Supermac spectrum 8 series III :


Mobius Speedster 040, same as Carrera:


Farallon Ethernet card for SE/30:



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Absolutely amazing! 😮 I saw some of these updates in the last months, but I clearly didn't realize how many pieces there were.
Did you buy the CCII off Buyee/yahoo Japan? Can I ask you what shipping method did you use? I too am looking for one but am quite afraid to ship it. The LC575 I bought arrived completely shattered...


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Thank you.

That's right, the CCII was from Japan as well. I always use Fedex for shipping, no problems so far. I've bought various IIci, SE/30, IIcx and an LC II via Buyee too. No damage in shipping so far.


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Another one I'd forgotten about which had a thread but probably lost now...

I picked up a IIx and luckily it had a IIfx board in it! Sold as non-working but it booted up fine...



It's always easy to forget how big IIs are...



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First time I'd seen a Daystar SE adapter in the wild. Only other super rare one is the LC adapter. I can't imagine having a 68040 inside an SE with only 4MBs of RAM. :p


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I picked up a IIx and luckily it had a IIfx board in it! Sold as non-working but it booted up fine...
I once found one like that too. A IIfx board, hidden in a II.
It’s reverted to II now though. Good II’s seem to be rarer than IIfx’s these days.


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First time I'd seen a Daystar SE adapter in the wild. Only other super rare one is the LC adapter. I can't imagine having a 68040 inside an SE with only 4MBs of RAM. :p
The Daystar SE adapter works with 030 PowerCache cards and the Adapter itself can take 16MB RAM. It makes an SE a really useful machine.

I have the LC Adapter, need to post about that one...50mhz 030 in an LC is a strange but wonderful thing.

Good II’s seem to be rarer than IIfx’s these days.
This is true. I have the full set now, original II, IIx and IIfx inside IIx case. No idea if the II or IIx work, not tried them yet.

Garrett B

I once found one like that too. A IIfx board, hidden in a II.
It’s reverted to II now though. Good II’s seem to be rarer than IIfx’s these days.
I have one like this as well! IIx on the front of the case, but with a IIfx logic board and label on the bottom. Makes me think Apple was using up some of the old inventory of cases when the new model came out.


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@Garrett B A lot of IIx owners went for the IIfx logic board upgrade because it was more cost effective than buying a IIfx or other faster Mac at the time.

Weirdly enough, mine has the IIfx board, but the label on the bottom is still for the IIx. The official upgrade steps that Apple dealers were meant to follow includes replacing the bottom label, but they didn't bother on mine for some reason.


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So, more stuff...

Acquired 5 accelerators and two video cards...

Radius Thunder 24 GT
Supermac Spectrum 24 Series IV
Interware Booster CV 040 x 2
MicroMac Carerra 040
Daystar PowerCache IIci 030 50MHz
Radius Rocket 33Mhz


The Rocket is as strange as people say - sound is wonky, some things don't work, and it's really not that useful... but... most importantly of all, it is cool. I took a quick video of it starting up:

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Damian Ward

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Did you have any trouble getting the Rocket to load? I have loaded Rocketware 1.5 under System 7.0.1 and it keeps on hanging after the startup. What versions are you running?


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The only problem I had was some badly seated RAM. I removed all the RAM and reseated them all, after that it was fine. I'm using it inside a IIci with RocketWare 1.5 on System 7.1.

How far does it get during startup? Which stage does it hang at?