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Is there a way I can help with vtools?


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I have the following machines that fall into the vintage category:
Dual 1GHz MDD
Dual G4 450
Mac Mini G4 1.5GHz (the silent upgrade)
Macintosh SE

I also hope to be getting an 8100 soon from a seller across the state. I have always wanted something like vtools and being a sysadmin for an MSP, have always wanted to contribute to something such as this.

I also have a 1G/40M connection; I'd be willing to sacrifice half my upload during the day and up to 35M at night (after 9PM CST). If hardware needs purchasing, I can always do it with my paycheck on the 31st, as the 15th is needed to make my car payment. (I get paid twice per month). I'd also be willing to set up remote administration for people who want to help administrate the project, either through VPN or direct port forwarding. I work from home and the MSP I work for has maybe 5 or 6 clients tops. My days are fairly open most of the time. It just seems like this project could use a boost and I have the desire, the time, and resources to be a part of a project like this. I have no kids, and currently my wife lives with my mother in law to care for her in home hospice. I literally have boatloads of free time.