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iomega Zip 750MB ATAPI Drive (for G4 MDD)


A WTB request for an MDD Zip Bezel was made in the TP. Apple never offered a Zip upgrade, so iomega cooked one up for themselves.




So I've documented it here. AFAIK they're scarce as hen's teeth. The only reason I have one is that a good friend here who I fear is no longer with us had pointed it out to me on eBay.

It's chrome plated metal, but the OEM door can probably be CNC milled or laser cut to fit Zip, the Fujitsu Magneto Optical drive @MrFahrenheit was interested in installing or anything else one might desire I suppose.

750MB drive can read, but not write the earlier format, so I'll be putting a Zip250 behind this bezel when I finally get around to fitting out the MDD.


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Thanks for this! I had no idea it was an Iomega product. I had thought Apple offered this as an option. Many thanks!!


De nada! You've got some search terms that may work now. One of the bar codes might give you the model number, but it's not obvious, so you'll not likely find it that way. Good luck!


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How much surgery is required to fit the bezel? I've got a dead MDD that has one in it - I need to pull it to send to Mr. Fahrenheit. I'm sure I can figure it out, but any hints are always welcome.