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Installing/restoring AppleTalk on System 7.0.1


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Firstly, a huge thanks to you for helping me get oriented, and to RADmark on the piscsi Discord for helping me across the finish line.

For those who read the thread above, I think I would summarize the solution as follows:

Mac configuration in System 7.0.1 that works concurrently with the Pi emulating a Daynaport Ethernet:
MacTCP setting: see post #24
Network control panel setting: see post #24

Pi AFP configuration:
1) use easyinstall.sh to set up network bridge for wifi or wired as desired (I had done this prior to this thread)
2) use easyinstall.sh to set up AFP sharing
3) since my same Pi is running BOTH the Daynaport Ethernet emulation and the Netatalk you have go edit atalkd.conf to specify "piscsi_bridge" at the bottom
4) you then must launch the Netatalk demons with:
$ sudo systemctl enable atalkd.service afpd.service cnid.service
$ sudo systemctl start atalkd.service afpd.service cnid.service
5) Type nbplkup and you should see your Mac AND raspberrypi:AFPServer (or [nameofyourpi]:AFPServer to be more general)
6) for some reason mine didn't show the AFP (but did show the Mac), but simply restarting with
$sudo systemctl restart afpd
Fixed this.

You can see 4-6 in my terminal history image below (managing the Pi from the Mac itself over Telnet!)

Like magic, the Mac finds the server in Chooser. Let the data sharing commence


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