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Indiana Warmech and The Last Crusade, Or, Obtaining My Final Grail Item: A Lisa 2


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It sounds like we were mostly on the same wavelength.... :cool: I decided on the brute-force approach for two reasons -- 1) the thought of solder-sucking and battling 240 pins put me right off!! 2) this was, thankfully, a 'spare' motherboard... :) Had it been my one and only, I probably still would have brute-force removed as much of the connectors as I could, but I might have been a little more gentle. ;) The (self-inflicted) damage it not too bad, no missing pads, just a trace or three that got nicked. I'm confident the patient will make a full recovery! (again, 🤞)

I'm glad you were able to get a Lisa in relatively decent shape and locate spare parts and do all that for a decent price. That's getting progressively harder these days
Indeed!! I'd more or less given up on a Lisa. Got close a few times, but reading all the issues people were running into - not least your own crusade(!) - I'd decided it was never going to happen... and then, it did. I'm still on the journey, but I do have it working now. Just waiting on a set of foams to get the keyboard working. :rolleyes:

I apologize for not recognizing your name from the other thread, lol!
Oh no worries... I hope I didn't come across grumpy/upset about it! I'm SUPER excited you're recreating that 2Mb SIMM 'board. And yes, please, I'd LOVE to check one out when you're ready.