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Index of Hardware Products / Projects

Scott Squires

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This thread is a directory of available hardware products and projects. These are available: they can either be purchased or built using provided designs.

For the latest, most accurate and inclusive listing, go to the bottom of the thread. The intermediate posts are old and useless. The latest update is always at the bottom.

Thread Etiquette
  • Do post projects that aren't in the list, updates, and corrections (check the latest list first). A thread maintainer will add the info and make a new post.
  • Don't discuss the projects here. Go to their respective threads.
(For the purposes of this thread, a "product" is something that is available to buy. A "project" is something where the designs are available and you get to build it yourself.)

Scott Squires

Well-known member
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Storage Network RAM
  • 256KB 80ns 68pin VRAM 68k Macs - by siliconinsider - pending restoration
  • 512KB 100ns 68pin VRAM 68k Macs - by siliconinsider - pending restoration
  • 1MB 60ns 112pin VRAM for PowerMac - by siliconinsider - pending restoration
Multi-Purpose SCSI Logic Boards Classic II Portable Batteries Adapters