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I seek a compatible SCSI controller...

... for a Power Mac G4. Requirements:

1. PCI (of course).

2. OS9-compatible.

3. Should have a DB25 SCSI port.

Were there any? And if, what are the models, or PN/FRU numbers?



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One that I used to have in my G3 Blue and White was the Adaptec SCSI Card 2906 (AVA-2906). It has both an internal 50-pin and external DB-25 port. Looks like it has OS 8, OS 9, and OS X drivers, and there are plenty available on eBay. I'm guessing it would work in a G4 too!



As far as I'm aware most older Adaptec cards should be supported fine. The only issue you'd run into is finding Mac versions if you want to be able to boot from them.



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If it’s for both OSX and OS 9 then as mentioned the Adaptec 2906.

If it’s for OS 9 only then you can also use the Grappler 906F.

The most common Mac SCSI card is the Adaptec 2930 but it doesn’t have a DB25 port but if you don’t mind using an adapter, it’s a great choice.