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how much does a newton cost?


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I am wondering how much a Newton Messagepad is worth? I would hope more towards a 2x00 MP. I have a wifi card that would work with it, so I can get it online :D . Anyways, I am considering buying one, or trading for one. But I am looking for the US Dollar price

Check out Newton Sales which is run by a Canuck known as Knowledge Navigator aka Ferdi. He has several bundles of Newtons ranging in price from entry to collector's. I have dealt with him and consider him to be someone I would happily deal with again.

You may also want to check out NewtonTalk.net and get on the list.

On the list KN is a controversial figure, he is a for profit business and the two most legitimate complaints against him is that

1. he is a little higher on prices

and 2. his dongle destroyer too closely resembles the copyrighted design of PCBman's SER001 card (an early release at that).

Point being, he is a figure that polarizes the community, but say what you like, he has the goods he advertises, ships in a timely manner, supports his sales with service, and he has the variety of products - little known fact: he has the highly coveted interconnect port plug (I mean the raw plug you solder to a board, thus allowing you to build your own dock if you want). The price is high for the plug, but considering that no one makes it and no one has it, especially in quantity) the market has set the price that way. I could only afford to pick up two at the time.

If you want to know more about the issues surounding the serial port daughter card, PM me and I will share more rather than pooping up the thread with TMI.

If you get a 2x00, try to snag a keyboard - dont recall if he has keyboards in stock.