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Houdini card troubles - installing DOS?


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Well, I picked up a second monitor at a yardsale yesterday, and I figured, "I should break out the PC card to use with this!"

I got it working, thank god, all the fade screens and stuff, but I can't install DOS or Win95.

All I get when I put a disk in is the 'Non-System use disk' or something or other - whatever the BIOS says when it can't find the DOS system files.

Any help here? I've downloaded DOS boot disks - 6.33 if I remember correctly - and torrented a copy of Windows 95 onto my iMac and using a USB disk drive to transfer them over to the Quadra.



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I'm answering my own question here, but it appears I need DOS drivers for the houdini card. From some website:

Apple's PC Setup software works with Houdini cards, PCI DOS cards and clones from Reply/Radius. It comprises three parts:* PC Setup Software for the Macintosh

* PC Setup DOS Drivers (on a floppy disk officially labelled "PC Compatibility Card PC Software") **check spelling

* PC Setup Additional DOS and Windows Drivers (on floppy disk or CD-ROM) **officially labelled?
So I guess I'm off to the apple archives to search for that.