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Help, problem posting attachments 2


Cory5412, thanks for the quick reply. I would have posted a comment under the post I originally created, however my UI does not provide me with a reply control (I tried different web browsers just to make sure I did not have a compatibility problem).

Concerning the attachment problem, I placed the URL in my FWB Jackhammer posting by attaching a file to the post when I created it (in the "Create New Topic" entry point there is a link for "choose files..." on the bottom left of the text entry point for the posting, just above the "Notify me of replies" control. When using this link to choose a local file, I have observed that the file is then placed in the attachments listing associated with my account.

Interestingly enough if I navigate to the posting and click the link the file will download to my computer, but only if I am logged in. Because of this I was thinking this could be a permissions related problem, unfortunately I cannot seem to find any controls in my UI which would allow me to set permissions for the attachments in my library.

Please let me know if I have used an incorrect procedure. I had figured that the sub-forum was just a WIKI discussion point, however I was unsure as to where I should post reference material and this seemed like a logical place as others had posted reference info as well. If you have a preferred area for the storage of reference material please let me know. Thanks.