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Help, problem posting attachemnts


Hello All,

I am hopeful that someone can assist with the problem that I have encountered. I have scanned several product manuals and made high-resolution low-megabyte PDF files that I want to upload to this site. Two of the files I have completed are the instruction manuals for the FWB NuBus SCSI Jackhammer and the NewerTech PDS G3 processor Upgrade card. I tried creating a posting in the 68kMLA Wiki late last week and tried attaching the FWB PDF at that time. A helpful user pointed out that the download link did not work.

Since then I have tried to contact an admin of 68kMLA with no luck. I have emailed the forums admin distribution list and tried reaching out to an admin directly. I have not heard anything back. Can anyone help with troubleshooting this problem or provide some solution? The files I wish to upload are simple PDF files not exceeding 10 MB. In the set-up of my vintage PowerMac I found the technical information in these manuals invaluable, I don't want others to hit the same road blocks that I did and not have a reference to turn to. Thanks for any help on this issue.



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Sorry about the delay on this. I know not all of us have been ultra-active of late. I also need to get back into the admin@ e-mail account.

I took a look at the post in question, and I couldn't see that the file was attached to it. How did you get the URL you posted in the file? Interestingly, I'm a forum administrator and I use this account to do those tasks and it didn't allow me to see it.

One other thing to note: The "wiki" subforum is not actually the wiki, it is primarily for discussion about the wiki itself. The actual wiki needs different accounts, and at this time user account creation is closed, primarily for spam reasons.

Let me know when you have a chance.