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Help me out with details on OrangeMicro 486 DX2 Nubus card.


I've got a full-length OrangeMicro OrangePC Cyrix Cx486 DX2 MS-DOS Nubus card with a 72-pin RAM simm on it. I believe I'm the second owner, and I've had it since around 1996, when I was an employee at Apple. I either bought it from another Apple employee, or I bought it used at one of the Bay Area's computer shops; I don't recall. It has a sticker on it dating it to 1994. I've never used it, and do not have any other documentation, box, floppy, or software for it. I believe it works, but have not tested it. I have a IIci I could use if I needed to run any tests on it.

I'd like to be able to sell this, and with that in mind, I'd like to know anything about it I can find out. If there is any documentation about it, if the software for it exists somewhere for download, how much RAM is on that 72 pin simm, and can I possibly test it before selling, so I can sell it as known-functioning. Literally any help with this is welcome.




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I'm not familiar with OrangePC's cards but @jeremywork has put together a wonderful compendium thread on x86 cards

I think it has links to some documentation and at least the drivers and I think you can install them on your IIci. Best of luck!


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It's an OrangePC 200-series card. Something a bit lower-end in the range (210? 220?) given the lack of PCMCIA slot/controller and seemingly a lack of L2 cache chips. One thing I'd REALLY love to be able to do is map out the pin mappings on that little breakout ribbon cable. I suspect @jeremywork would also like to be able to do that, so that we can reproduce them for our respective cards. We both have cards similar to this one. The software for it is available online in various archives. I have a "fresh install" HDD image file of Windows95 that can be used by that card and its associated software that I could put online somewhere for you to test it if you like.

The maximum amount of RAM I've been able to get my 290 model to recognize is 32MB.