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Forensic recovery of childhood game programming from Rodime 20 HDD, Mac Plus, Quick Basic 1.0


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I'm on a quest to recover childhood programming experiments from the external SCSII HDD of a Mac Plus, System 6.x, HFS. The drive is from 1990. It was used until 1996, then packed and stored in a basement until now. I was able to have a data recovery service image the drive. They said all sectors were readable, however the filesystem doesn't look to be in perfect shape. Is it possible portions demagnetized? Any benefit in re-reading multiple times?

I was able to hack a part of it out and mount the HFS in Minivmac. But the filesystem is missing the files I most want. I can see many pieces of these files examining the disc image. Maybe the FS is damaged, maybe that some files have been deleted(unlinked) but are still in memory, or the drive was re-partitioned at some time.

I will be going to lengths to retrieve these files. They were made with Microsoft Quick Basic 1.0. Program listings get stored in some type of compressed format, so it's not as easy as just extracting a textual code listing. Also some bitmaps stored in the resource fork.
I have a budget, and would gladly hire anyone interested to help.


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