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Finally- a PISMO!!!


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400mhz, 64mb, 6gb hardrive, os10.0.3- $50!

it still has a working battery that is supposed to hold almost 3hrs! i already upped the ram to 1gb, and it will get Tiger later tonight. i plan on adding a larger hard drive when i find one. there is one problem with it though— the dvd drive does not seem to work. i put the disk in, and it just spins up and then does nothing. i'll install tiger using target disk mode with another mac, but that still leaves an obvious question- should i get a second dvd drive or use that money for another upgrade? also, does anybody know where i could get the special hard drive adapter for the drive bay?

as a side note, os 10.0.3 is the WORST os i have ever seen! it even is bad with 1gb of ram!



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...Which is why it's called "Cheetah"... Its just that fast!


On a side note, the cats keep getting smaller... What'll 10.7 be? Mac OS X House Cat?




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I received an external Firewire drive with mine, unfortunately it's a CD, not DVD. You used to be able to get Tiger on CDROM, the gig was you bought the DVD then returned it for CDs.



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this model did have a dvd drive, it is written on the bottom of the computer and on the drive itself. i tried to put an OS9 cd in it, but it still did not work.

btw, i have the REAL tiger cds, i found them as well as all the other osxs on cd at a garage sale :)



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it is great now that it is running tiger

also, the cd part of the drive works—just not the dvd



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Enjoy the Pismo!

I used to have a 500MHz one but Cory has it now.

They really are wonderful machines. I use to run 10.4 on mine with dual batteries (8+ hours FTW!) and 1GB of RAM.

Man that was a sweet laptop.



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Its not piracy if you own the dvd.
It's a grey area at best. Apple never intended for anyone to keep the DVD afterward, by downloading the CD images you're essentially getting 2 copies of the software. I myself don't worry about it too much, on the other hand I have a very light handed approach (specifically, I don't care) but it's not me that decides what happens here.

I only keep the CD copies these days, same software but a broader spectrum of hardware it'll install on.



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A CD copy?*cough* BitTorrent *cough*

This board does not support software piracy.
Its not piracy if you own the dvd.
Since when does Apple say you can copy their CD/DVD originals as much as you like? Piracy is whatever the company selling it says it is (within the law).
EULA says you can make ONE backup of your media. It would only be piracy if you used the CD or DVDs to install the same software license on TWO machines at the same time. Now, if he takes the DVD, downloads the CD version, and uses the CDs to install the system, then shelves the DVD, that's legal. because it means it's a backup. It just means on the EULA it must be one machine per bought system. It doesn't make a difference if he downloads it, as long as he owns the software to begin with, and as long as he paid for the software for each machine he installs it on.

Learn your laws man.



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the cd/dvd drive works fine now, there was a piece of ?plastic? preventing the disks from going in correctly. i found the battery only to have about an hr of charge. I have a limited budget, what would be the best upgrades for this laptop?

-daystar 550mhz g4 (other than ebay, where could i find one?)

-new battery

-2 new batteries

- the hard drive adapter for the expansion bay

i am leaning to a single new battery.



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Sweet. I have a 400MHz model and it's easily one of my favorite Macs of all time. The hot-swappable bays, Firewire, USB, PCMCIA, Airport...just a great machine! I recently scored a ZIP drive for mine for $5!

EDIT: Zoinks, almost $200 for a G4 upgrade on eVil Bay?!



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i just looked

no way am i gonna pay $230 for one!

i can get an ibook g4 for that much



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I love my pismo quite a bit. I got mine for free from Cory5412 a while ago. I got it a new palmrest/LCD assembly. It looks amazing, but its got one outstanding issue I've yet to correct. It charges/powers but outputs no sound. I've replaced the sound/power board twice. I'll figure it out tho. Anyways, nice conquest :)




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i am considering buying a new battery and a 500mhz cpu for the pismo. 3 questions:

1) will i notice a considerable difference in speed between the 400mhz cpu and a 500mhz cpu (both G3)?

2) is it more worthwhile ( and doable) to overclock the stock cpu?

3) what brand battery (if any) should i buy?


I LOVE my pismo!



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I recently scored a ZIP drive for mine for $5!
What is the deal with the price of Pismo ZIP drives? I've been looking off and on for one, but they seem to command ridiculous prices for what is, basically, an obsolete technology. Are there the that many people still using ZIP disks?