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Emulation: Binaries for Mini vMac 37 with LToUDP


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... we're in 2024 and router manufacturers apparently still can't get IGMP snooping working properly. Great.

(and yes, I typed 2023 to start with)


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This is an older router, but still flawed. So far it:
-Screws up IGMP (including Bonjour)
-Screws up AppleTalk AARP packets
-Has a completely broken RIP implementation
-WAN side flips out and doesn't pass traffic if you have a private range IP (in double NAT situations).

Admiral Ackbar

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Thank you! I was able to successfully use this version and an AirTalk box connected to my Mac Plus 4mb (and printer not modem cable) to access a share in Mini vMac. The version of Mini vMac (running on Windows 10) I paid-for didn't have the functionality.