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Driver needed for Panasonic KXL-810AN


Hello guys

Maybe someone had similiar problem and know the solution. I have a small external SCSI CD-ROM Drive Panasonic / Matshita KXL-810AN.

It can be attached on PCMCIA SCSI-II Card or straight to Macintosh SCSI-Port with an 25pol to 50pol SCSI Cable / Adapter.

I try to get it running on my PowerBook 2400c under MacOS 9.2.2

I didn't get any CDs mounted, because there is no driver.

I have Pioneer CD-ROM Driver installed, it works with the Pioneer drives only, and not with Panasonic drive.

I also modified the standard Apple CD/DVD Driver, like discribed here:

Modify Apple's CD/DVD drivers to mount third party drives.

Has someone maybe an idea?




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Panasonic didn't have a Mac driver for these things as far as I know.  I played around with a similar model and found that the PC Card SCSI adapter wasn't particularly Mac friendly, so connecting directly to the Mac's SCSI was a must.  I'd try FWB CD-ROM toolkit 3.x or 4.x and see if that does the trick.  If it still doesn't work, I believe both of those can show you attached SCSI devices and their IDs.  You'll want to make sure the DIP switches on the drive are set to an appropriate SCSI ID and that termination is enabled.  On my drive, the last DIP switch was on for termination, off to use it as a CD Audio player without a computer.  You may not need FWB toolkit to use this drive at all- I had luck with the built in OS 8 drivers.  I just find utilities such as that make it easier to troubleshoot SCSI IDs and termination.  Here's a page from the manual with the SCSI IDs and DIP switch positions.  This is from a similar but older Panasonic model.  




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I usually find that the Apple CD/DVD driver of later flavors will drive almost anything really. Interesting that this is not the case here.



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Me too.  As long as the ID and termination power were set appropriately, the drive I tested mounted CDs in Mac OS 7.6.1, 8.1, and 8.6 on a variety of Macs without modifying the Apple drivers or installing third party ones.  It worked on 7.5.5 using the Toast 4 driver and in 7.1 using the CD Sunrise driver.  I wonder if the modification to the later Apple drivers is required for (some) third party IDE optical drives, but not SCSI.



I have the problem, that the drive is recognised by the System (Is correctly displayed in Apple System Profile) but doesnt mound Data CDs (ISO9600).

I found FBW Toolkit Driver, which running just fine now. It mount anything.


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